Lose 5lbs + in June 2017



  • salleewins
    salleewins Posts: 2,311 Member
    Original starting weight: 201
    June starting weight: 174
    June goal weight : 168
    Ultimate goal weight: 125-135

    Total pounds lost this month: 1.6
  • 1SassyB1
    1SassyB1 Posts: 15 Member
    Original starting weight - 217
    June starting weight - 214.8
    June goal weight - 209.8
    Ultimate goal weight - 170
    Short term goal weight - 197

    6/2 - 214.8
    6/9 -
    6/16 -
    6/23 -
    6/30 -
  • rachelcalsbeek
    rachelcalsbeek Posts: 185 Member
    Starting Weight: 197.6 lbs
    June Starting Weight: 187.6
    June Goal Weight: 179 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150 lbs

    I will weigh in on Saturdays and the last day of the month.
    6/3: 187.2

    Total Loss for June:
  • OY74NmFGBL
    OY74NmFGBL Posts: 382 Member
    I think I'm in and I'm excited!

    Start weight: 210.5
    June SW: 136.6
    June GW: 133
    Ultimate goal: 120-125?

    May end weight: 137.2
    Total May lbs lost: 2.8

    I'll weigh in on Thursdays.

    6/1 136.6

    Total June lbs lost:
  • tramaine_21
    tramaine_21 Posts: 349 Member
    First Saturday Weigh-in for June:
    220.6, (-3lbs in the last couple of days);

    SW: 242
    CW: 220.6
    Goal for June: 215 lbs
  • orlybayu
    orlybayu Posts: 125 Member
    Original starting weight - 265
    June starting weight - 166.6
    June goal weight - 160
    Ultimate goal weight - 140ish
  • salleewins
    salleewins Posts: 2,311 Member
    Original starting weight: 201
    June starting weight: 174
    June goal weight : 168
    Ultimate goal weight: 125-135

    Total pounds lost this month: 1
  • lapesadilla
    lapesadilla Posts: 67 Member

    Original starting weight - 215
    June starting weight - 197
    June goal weight - 190
    Ultimate goal weight -115

    6/1: 197
    6/4: 194.6 woosh! its because i ate ceviche and whiskey last night probably
  • Cwillson918
    Cwillson918 Posts: 1 Member
    Original starting weight -186
    June starting weight -177
    June goal weight -172
    Ultimate goal weight -145
  • JennH517
    JennH517 Posts: 256 Member
    edited June 2017
    Happy Sunday, everyone!

    Still struggling to keep the numbers moving in the right direction.

    I think sometimes my (skinny) husband is unconsciously trying to sabotage me... but I'm trying hard to stick to my calorie allowance, or at least not exceed it by more than 100 calories. That should still keep me in a calorie deficit.

    Drinking enough water is a struggle for me. I've mostly eliminated soda except for maybe once a week. I drink coffee (no sugar, splash of milk) in the morning, and I usually have a glass of milk with my supper. I just don't like drinking water all that much, and it's something I know I need to work on.

    We spent the day at a music festival yesterday and it's hot here in Georgia so I did make the effort to drink extra water, and I don't think it's a coincidence that I saw a new low on the scale, despite eating greasy food yesterday. I stayed in a calorie deficit, but I think the extra water helped forgive some of that, as well as it kept my properly hydrated in the 89 degree heat. I need to draw on that and drink more water.

    I was stuck all of May. Gained a bit during the week of Mother's Day/Anniversary/His birthday/My birthday. Then got back to business right after that. The month was a bust with a net loss of only 0.2 lbs, based on weekly averaging.

    One other thing that may have had an influence... last Saturday I had a bad fall. Besides the obvious embarrassment, I've got a bruised rib, bruised knees, and something sprained in my hand. Lots of swelling even still, and that has limited my mobility somewhat this past week, and I know that healing tissue can sometime cause temporary minor gains. Hopefully I'll mend in another week or so.

    I saw a new daily low of 215.8 today, but it's not reflecting much in my average for the week, which is unchanged from last week. My actual weight on June 1 was 217.7. Hopefully the average over the next week will be more favourable.

    MFP Starting weight December 25th, 2016: 233

    Average from May 22nd to May 28th: 217.3
    Average from May 29th to June 4th: 217.3

    Loss in June: 0.

    Total MFP cumulative loss: 15.7 lbs.

    Ultimate goal: 180.

    Until next week..... Keep keeping me accountable!

    Move more, eat less.
  • Slianad
    Slianad Posts: 7 Member
    I'm in! I meant to post this on the first of June but I forgot!

    Original starting weight - 185.6 lbs
    June starting weight -180.3 lbs
    June goal weight -174 lbs
    Ultimate goal weight -110 lbs

    Total lbs lost this month -
  • mjh4cwh1
    mjh4cwh1 Posts: 21 Member
    edited June 2017
    Hey I am in a few days late! I really need motivation. Would like to lose total of 25 pounds to feel good in my own skin. So losing 5 pounds this month would be fabulous! Thanks for this challenge.
    Starting weight: 177 lbs
    June starting weight: 170 lbs
    June goal weight 165 lbs
    Ultimate weight: 145 lbs

    Total lbs lost this month:
  • jennwill3
    jennwill3 Posts: 7 Member
    edited June 2017
    I am starting up again.
    Starting weight...hmmmm which time ? LOL
    I think my heaviest was 270
    June start 170
    June goal 165
    Goal 140

    June 1st - 170
    June 8th
    June 15th
    June 22nd
    June 29th
  • amandamonsterrr
    amandamonsterrr Posts: 35 Member
    Original starting weight - 198lbs
    June starting weight - 198lbs
    June goal weight - 188lbs
    Ultimate goal weight - 165lbs (will see how I feel there & adjust!)

    Total lbs lost this month - 4lbs so far & feeling great! :)

    Good luck everyone! Feel free to add me as a friend!

  • danifo0811
    danifo0811 Posts: 567 Member
    June is a pretty busy month for me with moving at the end. I was originally aiming for just eating decent for the month. However, I've been thinking of my motivation issues and realized I'm always more motivated to eat better when I exercise.

    My goals for tomorrow are
    1. 20 minutes exercise in the morning
    2. Only water, tea, and my smoothies to drink.
    3. 5+ serving of fruit and vegetables
  • BelArvardan
    BelArvardan Posts: 16 Member
    Original starting weight - 145.5
    June starting weight - 142.6
    June goal weight - 137.6
    Ultimate goal weight -130-ish

    I usually weigh in on Saturdays but I had guests this past weekend so I didn`t weigh myself and I also overindulged in some very unhealthy eating so on

    06/05/2017 - 142.6
  • loriryan92
    loriryan92 Posts: 11 Member
    Original starting weight - 197
    June starting weight - 184
    June goal weight - 176
    Ultimate goal weight - 125

    June 1: 184
    June 8:
    June 15:
    June 22:
    June 29:
  • Piqueaboo
    Piqueaboo Posts: 1,193 Member
    Original starting weight 249lbs
    June goal 172lbs
    Ultimate goal 143lbs

    June starting weight 181.6lbs

    05/06/17: 180.5lbs

    Total loss for June: -1.1lbs