Over 100lbs to lose



  • mmsmfp
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    I'm a 32 year old mom of 2 with approx. 100lb goal too! I keep flip flopping back and forth with starting and stopping over and over again. Lose weight and then gain it back, plus some extra. Some how I've got to learn to stick with it long term. We can do this! Anyone looking for a friend feel free to add me! I would love the support and accountability. :-)
  • sweetg0522
    sweetg0522 Posts: 17 Member
    Thank you everyone for responding. I sent out friend requests this is awesome!
  • 1982Josie
    1982Josie Posts: 91 Member
    I will send you a request, I have 92lb left to lose :)
  • BeUncommon
    BeUncommon Posts: 117 Member
    I have over 200lbs to lose... feel free to add me also :)
  • suryoyo85
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    Feel free to add
    I have an open diary
    Always like snooping through everyone's