What are your weight loss mantras?

Since we have a thread about what phrases winds us up, I though we might have one for a phrases that keep us going.

Do you have any phrase that you keep repeating to yourself that has this powerful effect on your motivation and commitment and helps you overcome self doubt, fear, plateaus, bad days..? :)


  • MaddMaestro
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    Thin Privilege.

    ...Although that's probably not a mantra.
  • mitch16
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    You can lie to yourself, but the scale doesn't lie.
  • LadyLilion
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    Virtually every morning, "I can do this."

    When I really don't want to get out of bed and exercise, "I don't want to be D." (A very dear lady who was very large and died too soon. :'( )
  • tinkerbellang83
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    "The only person that can motivate you to do what you want, is you"
  • kpk54
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    Don't quit.
  • kdavid1987
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    I have so many, it just depends on the need of the moment. I would say though that these three words are on my mind a lot: motivation, determination, consistency. They're the ingredients to my nearly 20 lbs weight loss and they're going to be the same ingredients I need to lose the next 30 lbs.
  • Lizzy622
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    ogtmama wrote: »
    Just keep swimming swimming swimming~Dory

    YUP - Mine too