Stomach issues with Halo Top "ice cream"



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    I'm gonna eat the tears for 3 weeks while I do this cut. lol. I'm actually happy I like AZ.
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    ate it but never got that, maybe you got a milk allergy?
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    I find any more than a small scoop and my stomach is upset. I'm also one of these people who gets sick from stevia, splenda, equal...any artificial sweetener really, so I always assumed that was the issue.
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    I've been okay with Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches but they are a hefty 150 calories each. I used to eat the Arctic Zero "ice cream" but I'm afraid to try that again. Time to find another treat.
    Depending on the brand a regular ice cream sandwich is 120-170 calories. You can get a box of 12 for less than a box of 6 Skinny Cow and the macros aren't all that different.

    I've tried Halo Top three times and it just doesn't work for me as 'ice cream.' The one time I did eat more than 1/2 pint I definitely felt "ooky" the next day. If I'm going "lighter" for ice cream I like Dreyer's Slow Churned. I'm not a volume eater though.

    A PSA for those who have stomach issues with sugar alcohols, the Baskin and Robbins less sugar/lower calorie options will cause problems. Wasn't really my intent for lighter ice cream just wanted to try that particular flavor and was sick as a dog the entire next day.

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    No, I haven't O_o. So, I'm second guessing on eating it again...
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    I haven't had any issues with Halo Top and I have a very sensitive stomach. It is so filling so the most I can eat is half a pint (even if I'm really hungry), so maybe that is why it hasn't bothered me. The birthday cake and sea salt caramel are the only ones I eat regularly.
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    I love Arctic Zero. I have 2 in the freezer. It's almost like frozen pudding and so many less calories than Halo. There's also "Enlightenment" ice cream bars. The "hot cocoa" flavor is awesome.

    Tastes like frozen sadness to me.

    I didn't like it until I actually read the instructions to get it out and let it warm up about 10 minutes. It made a big difference. Their plain chocolate is pretty bland, but I love the cookies and cream.
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    Anyone else have problems with stomach cramps with Halo Top? I was a big fan of Arctic Zero but kept hearing how good the Halo Top was. I finally found it locally and have tried it a few times. If I have any more than a couple spoonfuls I develop very painful stomach/intestinal cramps that last for several hours. I'm assuming its the erythritol? Definitely not worth eating again.

    I used to have stomach issues to Halo Top & Arctic Zero (don't eat Arctic Zero now), but I don't recall having any issues within the past few months now.

    Now I definitely won't be taking the sugar free gummi bear challenge (Amazon product haha).
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    Have you tried making the frozen banana "ice cream"? It's pretty good, and made of food. It does have calories, but it also has nutritional value. It's better if you add some cocoa and/or peanut butter.

    Um Halo Top is also food, & the frozen banana recipe usually is way higher calorie than having a pint of Halo Top/Arctic Zero/Enlightened. Even having a few servings of Edy's Slow Churned or Breyers is around the same calories.
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    Ugh. Ate less than half a serving last night. I am in agony this morning. Never again.

    Bonus: have lost a pound or two from horribly painful diarrhea with stomach cramps.

    Thanks for posting this. I'll be sure to avoid anything with erythritol.

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    I tried this ice cream last Sunday. I ended up in the emergency room by Tues. thinking I had a kidney stone. I had a very bad reaction to the inulin, derived from chickory, in the product. The sweeteners are not the only ingredient that can affect some people. It resembled a bad case of IBS. Chickory is in the aster family so if you have an allergy to ragweed, you might need to stay away from chickory.
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    YES. It has taken me a week to figure out why I've been having cramps every night. I finally realized that the discomfort started the same time I began having Halo Top ice cream for dessert every night. A co-worker was raving about it, so I tried it and it became a regular snack. Once I realized the timing of the Halo Top desserts fit the timing of the stomach problems, I did some research and learned about the sugar alcohol (erythritol) and then it all made sense. I'm going to have to stop eating it - my tummy can't take it.

    I can eat Stevia with no problems at all. I use all natural "Sweet Leaf" brand Stevia exclusively and have been using it with zero side effects for years.