Do you eat pizza every week?



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    My diabetes is in remission but I am still better off if I get a thin crust. One slice and I am good.
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    I don't find pizza to be calorie dense. It's smack in the middle of the caloric density spectrum (for me at least). Most pizzas are about 2-3 calories per gram, comparable to steak or skin on chicken. Compare that to 5-7 calories per gram in nuts, and you will see that the demonization of pizza is not fair when nuts are lauded as a great diet snack despite being so calorie dense.

    It's probably more about the typical amounts eaten than the caloric density or nutrients. That's where context is important. Someone who is completely satisfied with a handful of nuts is not going to care that they are very calorie dense. I'm often completely satisfied with 2-3 slices of pizza, so that's not an issue for me, but I know it can be an issue for others. The only reason I don't eat it often is because I'm not used to eating it often. That's it.
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    we've been doing a thin crust Newman's Own pizza and holy kittens it's good

    (also is it a bad sign that I now self-censor and use "kittens" as a curse word)
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    I make a small pizza for my dinner several times a week. It's about a 500 calorie meal.

    Further information:

    I use a dough crust in the traditional Neapolitan style, which begins with a conventional sourdough starter. That is combined with water, salt, and more flour to make the dough. Ken Forkish's The Elements of Pizza gives this recipe. He advises that it makes 3 thick or 5 thin pizzas. I used it to make 6 slightly smaller thin pizzas to serve my own calorie objectives. After the dough, the major calorie contributor of a pizza is the cheese. Once you decide which and how much of the cheese, the veg, meat, and sauce toppings are almost inconsequential.

    My basic pizza with a 140 g dough ball and 1.4 oz of cheese is about 440 calories. I add 10 grams of chia seeds to the sauce because i want to boost up the fiber and protein of the meal. It works ok for me.
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    Not every week, but 2-3 times per month and no particular hindrance to my weight loss :smile:
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    Not usually because I hate to have just 1 slice, I'm hungry after pizza that "fits" so I either make a lower calorie version at home or I just save it for my planned over days (about once/2-3 weeks)
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    Pizza for me is a binge food, so I don't eat it, or even bring it into the house and I don't miss it, thank you.
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    Maybe not once a week but often enough! I am diabetic so I have to watch the carbs but I definitely indulge in it!
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    cnbbnc wrote: »
    I love it but rarely eat it. It takes up too many of my calories...does nothing to help me get to my protein goal...and it leaves me hungry.

    If I really want something pizza like I'll throw one together on lavash bread with a ton of meat on it. It isn't the same but it gets the craving satisfied.

    The protein issue is problematic for me too.

    I have celiac disease and gluten free pizza just isn't that good for the calories. I miss pizza, and usually don't bother. If I have a mad craving for pizza, I get a gluten free crust from Trader Joe's and make one, but it's rare. It usually ends up being disappointing.
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    Not every week, but I do have pizza maybe two or three times a month. I love pizza, but it's my biggest binge food, so I have to be really careful or I go way overboard.

    Fortunately, my favorite pizza in town is 660 calories for a whole pizza, so as long as I don't overeat during the day, I can eat the whole thing for dinner with no worries!
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    The pizza topic comes up on this forum pretty regularly and there's always a division of opinion about how good or otherwise pizza is for you, often with complaints about people demonising pizza as some kind of anti-food.
    The point that nobody can dispute is that if you eat a quantity of pizza that is within your daily calorie allowance, then you won't gain weight from it, the same as any other food or drink you consume.
    However, that doesn't change the fact that pizza isn't a great choice from a nutritional point of view, so not really an awesome choice for anyone who is struggling to control their weight.
    Before jumping down my throat about the last statement, I would urge you to read this article:
    It's been linked in many topics and is an essential read for anyone looking to understand more about nutrition and being in control of what you're eating.
    Those who cannot bear to read it all should at least scroll down to the section about Calorie Density to gain a better understanding of why pizza isn't such a great food choice.
    It's calorie dense and often pretty high in fat too.
    As someone living in the UK, I looked up several types of pizza available to buy here, to get an idea of the calorie density.
    You can repeat the same exercise wherever you are in the world and find similar results.
    In the UK, many pizzas are pretty small, the ones I looked at ranging from 345g to 450g for the entire pizza, though some 600g+ examples can be found here as well.
    The pizzas contain between 220 calories and 300 calories per 100g (depending mostly on the toppings and type of base).
    Now 100g of pizza is a tiny amount by anyone's standard, and I doubt there are many people who would only eat that amount in one meal.
    I'm not here to argue how much people actually do eat, just to say that at that density of calories, you're soon racking up big numbers without actually eating a whole big amount of food.
    For comparison I had a look at some pizzas available from Walmart in the USA and noted that a medium pizza over there was typically 700-750g and an extra large was anything 1275g+
    If nothing else, that shows that a typical slice of pizza in the US is somewhat bigger than you'll typically get in the UK, so when people say they only have a couple of slices, you really can't tell too much from that. It could be just 200g of pizza, but it could also be 500g of pizza.
    Of course it's possible to make pizzas that are far lower in calories, you'll see people giving details of their own creations all the time, so let's not be saying categorically that pizza is evil.
    But on average it's just not great.
    If you're on a reduced calorie diet to try and lose weight, there are far better food choices you can make to sustain your body and keep hunger at bay.

    I somewhat disagree...I go to my local pizzeria and usually get either the Greg's or a veggie supreme...both are topped with a ton of veg and the Greg's also has added Canadian bacon and Italian sausage. We get their thin crust as my wife and I don't care for a big doughy crust and it also comes with 25% less toppings and costs 25% less as well...I think it's a fine choice.

    Regardless, in the context of my overall diet, it's pretty immaterial as we usually get pizza 2-3 times per month...not really a big deal in context.
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    honestly we did order pizza once per week until last week. we ate as usual, and i did a very intense cross fit routine and when i sweated, it smelled like pizza. i was so disgusted and i could smell it for two days even after bathing a million times. honestly i am not sure if i can ever eat pizza again. :s
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    I can't have pizza. Because I won't be able to stop at 1 slice :(
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    Curious: are pizza slices very big elsewhere? I see many people saying they can't stop at one slice. Here a slice of pizza is about 200 calories, of course one slice would not be enough. 200 calories of anything is usually not enough for a meal.
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    Curious: are pizza slices very big elsewhere? I see many people saying they can't stop at one slice. Here a slice of pizza is about 200 calories, of course one slice would not be enough. 200 calories of anything is usually not enough for a meal.

    Depends on where you go. I only go to a local place down the road from my house...slice size depends on overall pie size. My wife and I usually split a small and the slices are relatively small.
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    Eat anything you enjoy, just fit it into your calories/macros

    Personally I don't get why people enjoy pizza so much, if I have a slice or two once every few months that's enough. But Indian food, well that's different :smiley: each to their own.
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    suryoyo85 wrote: »
    I can't have pizza. Because I won't be able to stop at 1 slice :(

    When we have pizza, it would never occur to me to have only 1 slice. I don't limit myself to the same number of calories every day so I just know that a day with pizza will likely be a high calorie day.
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    Yes! Every Friday night, I always have a deficit that day but have lost 12kg nevertheless in 100 days ;-) I tend to eat light during the week, take my lunch to work, mostly lentil salads...
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    Can you manage your calorie intake when eating pizza?
    If not then you need to learn to be more disciplined with your eating habits.

    If you can then why are you asking us?
    It is just protein, fat and carbs. Nothing magical or special about it if you are just worried about "losing weight."

    I don't eat it often because my protein and carb intake could be written off with too much fat in my diet, but I am particular about my training goals. I eat to get bigger...
    But I will not turn up my nose at a piece or two for no reason.

    My goals and lifestyle aren't necessarily yours. In fact, I doubt they are close.
    But every week? No.
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    Friday night is pizza night in this house.