Just over 5 months, 73 lbs loss ~ Pics included.

ChelleDee07 Posts: 396 Member
I am still a work in progress and have a way to go yet. I posted on this board exactly one month ago, but thought I would share again because I know firsthand how some of the stories I have read in here have inspired me. Maybe I can help motivate and inspire someone.

I joined a local gym at 10:30 at night on Jan 11th, 2017 after my son insisted I check it out because it was so nice and clean. Before this, I had not even considered joining a gym, losing weight or attempting to improve my health. I had basically accepted the fact that I was going to always be overweight and someday would be the 'fluffy grandma who always had something cooked and ready for the future grandchildren when they came to visit'.

Two days later, I found MFP and have utilized this site every day since. I weigh and log my food. Initially, I was in the gym an average of five days each week for a minimum of 2 hours each day. I started with only the treadmill and bike. Then I started adding the elliptical and stair climber. Eventually I started taking some of the Personal Trainer classes. As of recently I haven't been getting into the gym as frequent as I was, but I'm in there at least three to four times a week and now that things have calmed down some around here I expect that to increase again.

In just over 5 months I am down more than 73 lbs. It really is all about eating healthier and less with moving more. You will see some comparison pictures from Mother's Day of 2015 to this Mother's Day 2017... but I didn't do anything until Jan 11, 2017 to make a change. There is a picture from Jan 11th, 2017 which is my Gym Membership picture. A lot of change has taken place since that night. The last picture showing me at 186.2 was taken today (June 19th, 2017).

If I can do this... so can YOU! muafwaxbyyar.jpg




  • green_eyes_99
    green_eyes_99 Posts: 149 Member
    you look great, keep up the good work! I need to lose 50 pounds and Im struggling to lose that! : (
  • april3888
    april3888 Posts: 40 Member
    You look awesome! Keep rockin it!!
  • LonniJay
    LonniJay Posts: 3,740 Member
    You look amazing! Good job and keep it up!
  • Stormie956
    Stormie956 Posts: 14 Member
    Wow! What a difference! You look absolutely wonderful!
  • ChelleDee07
    ChelleDee07 Posts: 396 Member
    you look great, keep up the good work! I need to lose 50 pounds and Im struggling to lose that! : (

    You can do it. Just set your mind to it and push forward.
  • ChelleDee07
    ChelleDee07 Posts: 396 Member
    Thank you all... just proof that we are in control and when we make changes, we get change.
  • ChelleDee07
    ChelleDee07 Posts: 396 Member
    You look wonderful! Great job!

    Thank you very much! I'm still working at it!
  • Madux1818
    Madux1818 Posts: 307 Member
    You're aging backwards! Great job.
  • Vkably
    Vkably Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you for sharing. I'm near your starting weight and you have given me such inspiration to keep pushing. I've had an account with MFP for many years, but things really have to change now. I love all the success stories. They keep me going day after day. Thank you to all who post them!
  • momofamadhouse
    momofamadhouse Posts: 197 Member
    Amazing transformation in five months! You are incredible! ❤❤❤
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,281 Member
    Amazing results and shows when given the right tools how someone can just do it. How you just went to the gym and took right to it! wow... you're amazing!
  • Healthydiner65
    Healthydiner65 Posts: 1,579 Member
    Wow! Awesome accomplishment!
  • tealtortoise
    tealtortoise Posts: 53 Member
    You have done so well! Thank you for posting!
  • bigaussieguy71
    bigaussieguy71 Posts: 189 Member
    Such a big difference! I bet you are feeling soooo much stronger and healthier! keep up the good work!
  • NneKK
    NneKK Posts: 11 Member
    Wow, you look great! Awesome job.
  • Goddesskat
    Goddesskat Posts: 71 Member
    Thanks for the inspiration. I too need to lose about 70lbs. I'm done 24 lbs thus far, so I'm just going to keep on going as your story has reinforced to me the importance of just pushing through as hard as it can get at times. I'm serious this time as I'm getting into clothes that I haven't been able to fit into for years. This in itself is motivating. I'm starting to feel like the hard work is starting to pay off. Keep up the great works. :)
  • goldthistime
    goldthistime Posts: 3,214 Member
    It was your dedication that blew me away first. To go to the gym two hours a day, five days a week, takes some real commitment. But your 73lb loss in 5 months is incredible. At two pounds a week for 21 weeks, you'd expect to lose only 42 lbs. You actually lost more than 3.5lbs a week on average. Did you find that lots came off in the beginning and then you started losing more slowly?
  • Loulibelle
    Loulibelle Posts: 10 Member
    Fabulous! I have 100lbs to lose, have s gym membership I never use and am currently having 3 - 4 months off work - so I have the time to do what you have achieved. I have bookmarked this as a stark reminder about what I could achieve if I set my mind to it.

    Well done and thanks for sharing.
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