What's YOUR Motivation?

What is your personal motivation?
For me is reaching the weight I was about 9 years ago? I felt so good wearing my jeans low and comfy.


  • Jdismybug1
    Jdismybug1 Posts: 443 Member
    Getting control over my weight, and my nutrition. As a lifelong change rather than just immediate results.
  • asianolikeyou
    asianolikeyou Posts: 393 Member
    Better health and lifestyle. Get back into competition shape.
  • laceyf53
    laceyf53 Posts: 103 Member
    Being able to crawl around on the floor with my 1 year old daughter, participate in activities with my active friends, prevent diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease, have more energy, be able to horseback ride competitively, scuba dive and swim without being self conscious. So many reasons to stay motivated!
  • GrayRider61
    GrayRider61 Posts: 337 Member
    Sciatica with spinal stenosis also.
    Overall health. Weight is 222, goal of 195, which is about what I weighed when I got married. (1998).
  • brookielaw
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    My tiny human motivates me every day. I see her copying me in a "monkey see, monkey do" fashion. I don't want her to have the weight or health issues that I have had in the past. I want to not only be able to keep up with her, but to lead her down the path to adventure and success. When I eat healthy and live an active lifestyle I set an example that will help her have an active and healthy life. I want nothing but the best for my little one!
  • TorStar80
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    rubydrm wrote: »
    My motivation comes from a few different things. I have this love/hate fitness relationship with someone very close to me--I was pretty much encouraged to start a trifecta so I did...then my friend bailed on me when they were done with theirs leaving me with one more on mine. I was devastated because I don't want to do them by myself and didn't feel strong enough to do the last one alone. I HATED that feeling. So that's a motivation of mine: to feel confident and strong enough to not rely on anyone anymore to do a race with me--I can do it on my own! My other one is my little one. Well he's not so little anymore lol he asked me a few weeks ago if I was going to be on the proteam because he saw how hard I worked to be able to do the two races I did and when I cried when I told him no, he asked me why? I said because I'm not strong enough, why do you think I haven't done my third race? He sat next to me and said mom, you can do it. That was all it took--I was back in the game, ASAP. My last motivation is just to look as good as I feel when I eat right and work out hard!!! Sorry it's so wordy...lol

    Maybe I'm emotional but this made me tear up. Someone really believes in you and is proud of you and thinks you can do anything :)
  • Niki_Fitz
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    I would like my pre-baby figure and lean muscle back.
  • DX2JX2
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    Diabetes and heart disease run in my family. I lost sight of that for the past 10 years and only recently realized that I had put myself on a fast track to both.

    I'm getting back to the same weight/size I was in my early 30's by Thanksgiving. About 2 months in and I'm on track.
  • Rianeu
    Rianeu Posts: 21 Member
    Playing "tag" with my 4yo granddaughter! She is my love and I want to keep up with her and encourage her to eat healthier and get more exercise. Down 15lbs so far and getting more activity in than I have in months. With fibromyalgia I never expect to feel like I did in my 20s but any bit better keeps me going forward.
  • laurabadams
    laurabadams Posts: 201 Member
    Being a role model of fitness for my family.
    Having more energy.
    Being physically fit.
    Being healthy.
    Feeling in control.
    Feeling strength in my discipline.
    Having more confidence.
    Feeling like I've accomplished something great.
  • jenilla1
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    Staying awesome. I want to be in excellent condition for my age, and the best version of myself, no matter what age I'm at. So far, so good. B)
  • timtam163
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    Not yo-yo-ing and eating healthier. I still struggle to cook for myself and keep veggies around, but I'm hoping to rely less on processed foods as well as to maintain my weight in a 2-5 pound range instead of a 5-10 pound range.
  • EmPersson
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    I wanted to lose maybe 10 lbs. this year, and I've already lost 20. I feel SO GOOD! I didn't realize how bad my arthritis had gotten, and now know how much it improves with constant healthy movement! I hope to lose another ten pounds now before the end of the year, which would put me smack in the middle of a healthy BMI, and make me healthier than I ever have been. I was about that weight when I was first married, years ago, but I wasn't HEALTHY. I will be healthy, and full of sexy muscles this time, and I'm going to keep them!

    Also, like someone else mentioned earlier - being a role model. Some people in my family aren't healthy. Some even say that it's "impossible" for them, and that "nothing works" for them. I want to show them what a truly healthy lifestyle looks like (and so that I can avoid their health issues that they already have, too)!
  • cwolfman13
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    Being fit and healthy