What the hell are carbs?



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    Carbohydrates are a macro-nutrient. There are 3 macro-nutrients - carbs, proteins and fats. Every food is made up of these three macros. So, if it isn't protein and it isn't fat, it's a carb (or some combo of the three).


    And there's no reason to go low carb for weight loss, unless you want to. Carbs aren't what matters for weight loss, having the correct calorie deficit for your weight loss goals is and that's what you should be focusing on.
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    Yeah.... no.

    Did you know that a nutritionist course can be completed over a weekend? Considering they didn't even give you a sheet of paper listing the foods you need to minimize, or even referred you to a nutrition website tells screams that much from the one you've been seeing.

    There is nothing wrong with carbs, even for weight loss.

    Excess calories are responsible for weight gain.

    Innacurate food logging (underestimating/guessing instead of using a food scale) and overestimating exercise calories burned is responsible for no to less weight loss when in a deficit/logging.

    Eat foods for nutrition.

    Eat foods for joy (yes, you can have chocolate and/or ice cream if you include it in your calories!) :drinker:

    Just log everything that you eat, drink and cook with. Weigh solid and semi solid food on a digital food scale in grams.

    Choose correct database entries. A green check mark entry isn't necessarily correct. Check your food packaging and USDA food database if you're unsure.

    All foods have calories. They add up.
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    If it's not protein or dietary fat, it's a carb...veg, fruit, grains, starches, etc are carbs.

    Low carb or lower carb doesn't mean no carb...eat your veg and some fruit. When I'm cutting I typically do a low to moderate carb intake and basically limit grains and starches and such...I still have them, I just limit them to stay around 130 - 150 grams of carbs per day and load up on my veggies...
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    Hoping you return and reply to this thread to tell us why you are on a low carb diet. If you have a medical condition such as PCOS or being pre-diabetic which benefits from lower carbs, the responses should be different than if you are trying to lose weight by a ketogenic diet. In either case, I'm not aware of any diet so restrictive that the limited carbs in non-starchy vegetables are a problem. And in either case, you need more information than you seem to be getting in order to make good food choices.

    It's also important to note the difference between carbs and net carbs, which are carbs minus fiber. Since mostly fiber doesn't get digested or raise blood sugar, it's usual to subtract it from total carbs when calculating carbs.

    If you have a medical condition, you need to contact your nutritionist and let her know you still have questions. If you are trying to lose weight via a ketogenic diet, this may not be a good fit for you - just reducing calories is as effective and simpler. In that case, a different nutritionist might help.