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    Means nothing notable. My weight fluctuates normally and on average there has been no loss in the past few weeks. .5 lbs a week doesn't seem like very much at all. I would rather lose more than that.

    if you need to lose 25lb 0.5lb/week is about right. anything more than that would most likely be too aggressive. you wont lose every week either sadly its how weight loss works because weight loss is not linear.you cant lose a small amount of weight quickly and safely.The less you have to lose the slower it is and should be.if you are losing 0.5lb/week it means you have a 250 calorie deficit.

    She's 5'9" and 205. Losing more than 0.5lb/week is perfectly fine. Just because her goals is to lose 25lbs doesn't mean anything in terms of weight loss per week. Telling someone to diet for another year to lose 25 pounds which wouldn't even put someone in their ideal weight is horrible advice. Literally telling her to lose 1% of her weight a month when realistically it could easily be more like 1% of your weight a week if you're overweight or obese

    first of all the less weight you have to lose, the less per week you should be trying to lose. especially if you dont have the fat stores like you did at a larger weight. so no its not bad advice.so you are saying 2lbs a week is ok with so little to lose?.

    yes it could be more if you are obese and have more to lose(like more than 75lb) . but clearly she said she needs to lose 25lbs.she already lost a lot in 6 months time and with that fast of a loss,I'm sure there was a decent amount of lean mass lost as well. to safely lose weight you are only supposed to lose a percentage of your weight.saying large and rapid weight loss is ok when you have so little to lose is what is horrible advice.

    At her stats 5-9, 205,she's got a LOT more than 25 lbs of fat to lose. So just because she may only think she needs to lose 25 lbs, she's no where near that zone of needing to lose slowly at 0.5 lbs per week. She's very very likely to have much less muscle than she's claiming. All one needs to do is some simple bf%calcs to see how much lean body mass she'd have to have to only need 25lbs lost. For a women who doesn't strength train, she'd have more LBM than most men who do strength train.

    missing the point and others have said the same thing I have. so are you going to single just me out too? we dont know what her body fat % is or her muscle mass % either,and those calculators are just an estimates . I never said she had a lot of muscle.maybe she wants to be around a certain weight for her to say she only has 25lbs to lose? again she can only lose so much body fat at a time anyway.. so she has about a 250 calorie deficit. there is nothing wrong with that. others have said a lb would be fine. it could be but when a person says they only have 25lbs of fat to lose, trying to lose it too quickly will also result in loss of lean mass(which includes muscle). she already lost a good bit in a short time.

    also she says that she doesnt eat much through the day,(deficit says otherwise) but if she is say undereating that also is not good to lose quickly without the proper nutrition either.maybe she feels better around the 180s? not everyone wants to be ripped and have really low body fat either.some feel better at a weight that may classify them as overweight. But Im not arguing with you either. so adios
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    "Calorie in, calorie out" and "eat less and move more" are antiquated approaches to weight loss and body conditioning. What you're eating and when you're eating it is very important? If you've got a 16-hour window for eating, you could be sabotaging your chances at additional weight loss.

    Take a look at Dr. Jason Fung on Intermittent Fasting (IF) and the Diet Doctor, both on YouTube. Do you have any experience with the LCHF approach?

    Also, I would take the muscle over fat any day. If what you have is truly muscle (definition in arms and legs), you should be burning calories big time. Something is amiss.

    I hope this is helpful.

    It is very, very, very, unlikely that OP has turned into a muscular she-hulk by NOT lifting weights and only going for long walks in the forest. it may be (slightly) more believable if she was talking about lower body muscle, but she is saying her arms are overly muscular as well - this just doesn't make sense. Women have to work super hard and work for years to put on an overly muscular physique. it is even less believable if she is still that overweight that muscle would be coming through so much. something definitely not adding up....

    I think it likely that it's just that she stores more fat in her lower body. It's not all that unusual to be able to see muscle definition in the arms before seeing it in the legs. It also doesn't necessarily mean there's a lot of muscle mass.

    I also think OP is not really aware of what our concept of 'a lot of muscle' would look like on her. Some people think that any muscle definition equates to 'a lot of muscle'. And some women want very little if any muscle definition.
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    KevHex wrote: »
    If you're eating enough protein you will not lose muscle mass

    Is this correct? I'm 6'1" and currently 250lbs and looking to get to 185lbs. If theory, could I lose 2lbs of fat per week and if I eat 200g plus of protein per day I can retain lean muscle mass all the way to 185lbs?

    I suspect this is not going to be correct but I am no professional.

    If you're eating over 200g of protein a day, and being 250lbs, you can very easily lose 2lbs per week probably until you get down to somewhere between 190-205, unless your already VERY muscular, which then may be closer to 210. Once you're there, you can probably lose at 1.5lb/week until you're around 185-200, and then down to 0.5lb-1.0lb until you're 170-185. It really just depends on how lean you'd be at those weights, that's why I gave it such a broad weight range, if you have an idea of how much lean mass you currently have then that would be more helpful. But until you're at about 200lbs, unless you're very muscular and 200lbs would put you under 10-12%bf you are very able to lose 2lbs/week with adequate protein.

    This is all assuming you don't change your training stimulus. i.e if you're working out, don't stop working out and expect muscle to stay around. But if you're not training, you're not going to lose very much muscle.