What is your go-to healthy coffee type drink? Iced Coffee, Lattee's, anything.



  • jessicamay1719
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    sgt1372 wrote: »
    Just plain black dark roast coffee. 5 cals in 20 oz. I log the cals but really don't even need to do that.

    Definitely aiming for black, healthiest way possible for sure.
  • erica_today
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    1 cup coffee plus 1/2 cup either vanilla cashew milk or hint of honey almond milk.

    That's all the sugar I need in it.
    I prefer cashew milk because its creamier but the hint of honey is the only almond milk I'll drink its amazing.
  • WendyLeigh1119
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    I'm boring now and make Flat Whites every morning with 1 shot of espresso per cup with the rest "Rich" Brewed. I whip 0% milk cold first in the mug and then just pour the coffee over when it's ready. If I'm indulging I add a bit of organic chocolate powder (for hot chocolate or whatever) and whip that into the milk first. I couldn't live without the Ninja Coffee Bar now that I've had one. Haven't had a coffee anywhere but home in 2 years because of it. It's amazing (and easy... I like easy).
  • SundropEclipse
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    Small McDonalds coffee, 2 cream 1 sugar.
  • Elwin0907
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    Starbucks - Venti 1/2 caff iced coffee, 1 cream 4 splendas. Seriously good and I'm not usually a Starbucks fan.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I make my own cold brew, pour it over ice, add 1 tbs half and half, 1/2 tbs of sugar free syrup(like Torani or Jordans). For breakfast, I'll blend 1 cup cold brew, 5 ice cubes, and a scoop of protein powder to make a breakfast shake. It's also good with a small piece of frozen banana.
  • scarlett_k
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    Cold brew with unsweetened roasted almond milk
  • Riskay123
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    Cafe late with full cream milk.
  • Machka9
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    What do you put in your coffee? Any healthy recipes or suggestions would be great! :)

    I drink it black. :) About 3 cups a day. :)

  • pebble4321
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    Black coffee - I drink instant, but prefer a good espresso, or a skinny latte - which is just a shot of espresso with steamed skim milk. Probably around 70 cals for a regular size.
    And I've just remembered that I used to order a macciato from time to time - espresso with a dot of frothed milk.
    Although I generally like sweet things, I find that coffee has enough flavour that it doesn't need sweetening.
  • glassofroses
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    I drink Costa vanilla lattes from my Tassimo which are about 90cals per cup but they're 310ml which some people find small. I also found an instant coffee company, Beanies, which does all kinds of flavours (I have Double Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and Amaretto Almond) that are 2 cals per serving. You can add sweetener but I find them sweet enough on their own and take them two thirds/three quarters coffee to one third/a quarter low sugar almond milk for around 15-18 calories. My only gripe with them is the same with all instant coffees is that it's a bit weak, in comparison to a brewed/Costa coffee, but that's beggars and choosers. :lol:
  • ChristyRunStarr
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    These are my go to (you can put them in iced coffee too, you just have to mix it a lot more but they still taste good!) Weight Watchers Cafe Creations

    Also, I like the ones from International Delight too.
  • trigden1991
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    Ice black coffee with sweetener. 0 calories
  • Sloth2016
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    Decaf black for me please :smile:
  • Ohwhynot
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    I just started doing iced chocolate whey coffees - 1 scoop ON double chocolate whey + 8 oz iced coffee. Super good! I also have heard good things about Premier Protein Caramel in coffee as creamer.
  • Nikion901
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    black coffee in the grounds that I like the taste of. Just plain with nothing added in. If the coffee doesn't taste good on it's own, putting stuff in it to mask or enhance the flavor just muddies up the taste for me.
  • take2spicy
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    I make coffee @home usually with unsweetened vanilla almond milk & occasionally Stevia. If I'm out I get dunkin donuts light on the ice almond milk and if I want some special treat I get 1 pump of mocha added for 35 calories but usually only end up drinking half :)
  • MommaGem2017
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    Coffee with a splash of soy milk - that's all :smile:
  • AMV91
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    Strong french press, 2 tbsp cream and 1 sugar.

    Otherwise I mix chocolate protein powder and whole milk into strong coffee, tastes like a mocha :)

    This random coffee place makes the BEST ice capps in the world, 180 calories for a small, easily fits into my day.
  • TonyB0588
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    Nothing - unless boiling water counts as something :D

    Yes. This is coffee. Some of the other trendy stuff is almost a completely different product.