Need ideas to occupy myself when late night cravings come in



  • bonnielee708
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    Learn to knit, crochet or sew, where the projects are on your lap and your hands need to be clean. Just getting up to get a snack becomes less appealing because you have to set things aside before you get up and wash and dry your hands before you sit back down.
  • raetzpl
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    yoga...seriously an awesome way to wind down from the day and it's tough to eat while holding poses...even just doing child's pose or other resting poses and a great way to get a light stretch and focus your mind.
  • svel713
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    When hungry late night, I might eat:

    Sugar Free fruit flavored popsicles (15 cals).

    No sugar added fudgesicles (40 cals).

    Beef broth cubes (5 cals).

    One of these usually holds me off until bedtime.

  • susanofarrell
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    I do not believe I am hungry when I do this.

    I feel like I am unsatisfied with what I did eat during the day and so I overfill myself with my favorites (cereal, bagels, chips, etc)

    I feel like even though I have a great dinner, something I really enjoy - a few hours later I am unsatisfied again and everything goes to hell.

    You and I are twins! Same here!
  • DChelseaNYC
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    My biggest downfall is night time binge eating.
    I can do awesome all day, but once the kids go to sleep and I have some me time - I head for the kitchen and within minutes I have eaten everything I can get my hands on and have over eaten to the point of sickness and guilt. its like I go into a trance and have no control over myself.

    I need some ideas of what to do when these feelings start. I cannot leave the house because my kids are sleeping. so what can I do to take my mind off the delicious processed carbs that are calling my name?

  • DChelseaNYC
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    Who are all these people sipping HOT beverages in the middle of JULY!
  • DChelseaNYC
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    I say grab some low/no carb milk (dairy or on), and add Hershey's sugar free syrup. If you're craving salt, Quest protein chips have saved me.
  • pebble4321
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    Who are all these people sipping HOT beverages in the middle of JULY!

    It's not summer everywhere! Im sitting on my lounge chair with a blanket over me and the heater on and I'm still a bit chilly.
  • theWODdoll
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    You can drink a protein shake. Especially if you work out, drink casein protein (it's slow release and helps with muscle recovery while you sleep), with about 8oz of coconut water. It's a liquid and is meant for muscle recovery so it's not like you're eating a huge meal before you sleep. Hope that helps!
  • ajolmstead
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    I feel your pain. I have twins and my (now ex) hubby and I worked off shifts so as not to need child care. No family around and no friends that I would want to dump two little kids on. :)

    What I discovered is that it wasn't about the food - it was about finally having time just for me. No kids. No hubby.

    I couldn't afford expensive shopping or treats, but I could afford junk food - so that became my reward to myself for surviving the day. Bad idea.

    What helped me was planning nice things for myself. I splurged and got a few things: fancy tea, bubble baths and nice wine. On week nights, after the kids were in bed, I would make my fancy (decaf) tea that no one else could have but me. Sip it for an hour while reading or just sitting in the quiet. On weekends, I'd pour a half glass of nice wine and soak in the tub for an hour.

    Both of these things made me feel like I had something special that was just for my time. And both fit into my daily calories pretty easily. Maybe they'll help you too!

    Oh - and my kids are 16 now. It gets a lot easier. :)
  • Chadxx
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    Who are all these people sipping HOT beverages in the middle of JULY!

  • tjones0411
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    Who are all these people sipping HOT beverages in the middle of JULY!

    You'll often find me under a blanket on the couch, year-round. We keep our house cool!