Anyone with a Desk job?



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    I just added you. I have a desk job and make it a point to go out for a walk over lunch everyday. I'm working on keeping my calories down by packing lunches and healthy snacks :)
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    Most people have already mentioned everything I would have added except for these few things: I bike to work (1 or 2 times per week) or to the Metro station, take the stairs instead of the elevator, snack on something filling but low cal (e.g., sugar snap peas). I was getting a lot of calories from drinks (juice, alcohol, etc.), too before I started paying attention (ok, before my wife kindly educated me).
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    kms234 wrote: »
    I have a desk job as well. I am fortunate that my company provides 6 different walking workstations throughout the building. I work in the office 4 days a week and aim for 2-3 hours on the treadmill per day. It only goes 2mph but it's movement and keeps me upright :)

    Wow, that's pretty amazing. Wish we had something like this here.

    Some have mentioned adjustable desks. They used to have those at my old job and it was great. Now we have ancient furniture they got in a sale from Ikea >15 years ago. They're planning to refurbish everything soon and I've already told my boss to put his foot down and demand adjustable desks for us. Possibly also some of those bouncy ball seat thingies to help with back pain.
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    I think you'll find a lot of desk jockeys here, it tends to be something that causes weight gain. I'm one as well. The only way I counteract it is with exercise before work each day. I ended up here, of course, by doing nothing for 15 years but sitting on my *kitten*.
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    Same here, I work a desk job and sometimes I find myself sitting here for hours because I literally just can't get off the phone with clients. I will try and sneak in a 5 minute youtube Leslie Sansone workout when I can (Like when I"m in the office alone, no cubicles here, lol) and it definitely helps with getting moving, I've switched jobs but work in the same neighborhood as my last job but I've been in the same neighborhood for the last 12 years and will get out and take a walk every chance I get even if it's just to take a walk around the block for 10 minutes. I also stand and stretch as often as I can.
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    Yes I do and it's a bit of a pain when you can't do stepping
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    Desk monkey here too. I try to get up and walk around but it's a small office and there's only so much space to walk. Most of my steps/activity are definitely after work although I will do some squats/lunges/something each time I go to the restroom to get the blood moving. I drink a ton of water so I get a lot of those in.
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    Desk job here as well! Everyone is welcome to add me. Needing people on here to help motivate me!
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    I'm a copy editor and then I also freelance from home. Desk, desk, desk. So I got a cheap gym membership at Planet Fitness. I go about 3 times a week and other than that I use yoga videos at home. You absolutely must weigh and measure everything to know how many cals you are really eating. Look for USDA database entries if possible to ensure accuracy. I only get 1200 cals and my maintenance is only 1400 (old/short) so either I work out to earn the food or I fall over dead from hunger.

    If you measuring and logging is spot on and you still do not lose, then see your doctor for some bloodwork. Hypothyroidism strikes women hard in middle age. I have it. Until I got my meds I could not lose weight even on a dangerous and miserable 800 calories.
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    Desk job here, too. I now have an adjustable desk -- only the second day -- and I do think it helps my attitude some. I also try to take a short walk in the morning, inside around the building (stairs), or down the hill. We have a nature trail on campus that I walk at lunch, and it includes quite a bit of elevation gain as it goes up the hill from my office building. I rarely hit 10,000 steps a day just walking at work, so kudos to those of you who manage that. I then either go to the gym, swim, or take my dog for a walk in the evening.

    I bring in my lunch (usually a fruit or two and a protein, either cheese stick or peanut butter or something left over from dinner -- not a vegetarian, but also just not a huge fan of meat), drink water, tea, and coffee. More than the walking, which definitely helps, I think this is the most significant thing to do. If I forget to bring a lunch, then I either just have to skip it (which I've done -- not that big of a deal), or I run to the bookstore on campus to try to grab something. This rarely turns out well for me as I am also Celiac, so many of the more nutritious snacks college students would want to eat include wheat. I do have an emergency supply of gluten free protein bars in my office if I get really desperate. During the summer, the coffee shop isn't open during lunch -- they do have yogurt and cheese -- but if I don't get there before 10:30 a.m., I'm stuck eating popcorn. :disappointed:

    I have my own office, so I do squats and stretches during the day, just to keep my joints from freezing up on me.
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    I feel like when I worked fast food I lost more weight than I do now at my current job. I guess it was because I was always on my feet and now I'm at a desk most of the day and it sucks. Trying to get down 50lbs. Does the fitbit help, how much do they cost, and where can I get a good one
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    Desk job here as well, would love to lose about two stone but finding it so hard, thought id give MFP another go.
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    @chyeannegrooms2015 I find the Fitbit a good motivational tool, and I like how it automatically adds my steps to mfp. Amazon sell them, there are loads of different ones but you don't need to have a fancy, expensive one. I had a Fitbit flex for about three years, it's just a pedometer so doesn't register your exercise (you need to log those things manually) but it will add the steps to mfp and you get exercise calories for that. If you look on the Fitbit website you can compare the features of the different products and choose what works for you.

    Sometimes it's amazing how little I move in a day so it's a good reminder to keep moving throughout the day! I love my Fitbit!
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    SSpeakes wrote: »
    ... I will do some squats/lunges/something each time I go to the restroom to get the blood moving. I drink a ton of water so I get a lot of those in.

    YES!! Me too. lol squats at the hand dryer :D
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    Fit bit tells me how much I have walked/ stepped as I have a desk job does it motivate me sometimes. Granted on my 12 hour day just getting through the day is a lot. ;) I have the cheapest one the zip and I hook it to my bra strap. I got it on sale for 40

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    I have a desk job too.

    Here is my fitbit feel free to add me on there and on here

    I try to get 7K steps a day, (ive been slowly upping it) but typically during the day I dont leave work with anymore than 2K steps, and then I walk later and end up with around 10K
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    Yes, I have to remind myself to get up once in awhile.
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    I don't know if this helps but when I filled everything out I put down a sedentary lifestyle.
    I am 50 I now have 20 lbs left to go but mfp gives me only 1270 calories.
    Right now I am not on a machine that will let me add friends but feel free to add me or I will come back later.
    I work full time and am lucky to get 400 steps in at work. I make an effort at lunchtime but this job serves food to us a couple times a month. Today is pizza day last week we had donut day. More than half the workers are overweight. :#

    I would definitely like some friends who have desk jobs.

    When we receive an email that bagels or donuts are in the kitchen, l just delete it and get on with my desk job. It is alot of will power to not get up and go eat it, but that is what l do.

    When we are told that lunch is being brought in the next day, we are usually not told from where. So l usually bring my lunch from home anyway and don't eat what the company provides.
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    i hve question.. I want to shredd 4 kg... and per MFP my daily goal is 2250 calories ... At the end of the day..MFP tell me that more than 1000 calroies left.. then why do i gain weight ... if i don't do exercise and eat much less than my required quota of calories.
    Maybe you are not eating enough.
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    I also have a desk job answering phones at a medical office. I just joined MFP and would like to offer my friendship and support to everyone here. Please feel free to add me!