Post here if you want more friends!



  • EricLFC1892
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    i'm in
  • dhunt0521
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    Hi, feel free to add me. ❤
  • initials1248
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    tinat1819 wrote: »
    Hi! Just started using this app and looking forward to meeting new people and reaching our goals together! Just hit me up with a FR! :)

    Welcome :)
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    94kelly wrote: »
    Hi just restarted

    New profile?
  • initials1248
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    mbarekio wrote: »
    Back to fitness pal app after three years not using it !

    What brings you back friend?
  • belalugosisdad
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    Back on here. Have successfully dieted in the past & gained the weight back (and more) so focussing on making an actual lifestyle change rather than a temporary fix.

    I love all things nutrition and food sciencey & really enjoy planning meals and fiddling with the macros. Pressing myself to be dedicated to filling out my food diary but also kind to myself when I inevitably binge or not adhere to it properly.

    Would love some UK friends here! But totally happy to be friends with anyone who's also trying to lose weight/restrict calories for mutual accountability <3
  • RulerOfCali79
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    Active member. Feel free to add me MFPs!
    I'm awesome! Lol
  • Slim_Jim_72
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    I'm In, Too!! Add Me! Everyone can use some motivation!
  • terrimccrery
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    Hi all!! Feel free to add me!!!!

  • Rashawnab
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    edited July 2017
    Looking for people with open exercise and food diaries. I'll be posting food photos and possibly recipes and want to see others' as well.. add me
  • wilsokris
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    Always looking for new friends :) open diary and Keto friendly.
  • initials1248
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    Fine add me :)
  • GinaMarie0425
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    Always looking for new friends
  • marcd90
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    Feel free to add! I've been logging for awhile, and I have an open diary
  • facetocallhome
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    Would love to make more friends on here - go ahead and add me if you want to! :)
  • sophie9492015
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    Feel free to add me !
  • spiveaa
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    Feel free to hook up with me and lets be friends.
  • riffraff19
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    I've been in a holding pattern for 6 mos after losing 60 pounds. I'd really like to add friends, though I'm not sure how.
  • josh2150
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    Joined MFP originally back in 2011. Was off and on like many folks. Then, was diagnosed with colon cancer last year at the age of 36. Went through chemo and surgery and am trying to eat right to help reduce my chance of recurrence, currently cancer free. Need a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Started at 272 pounds in 2012, currently at 230, want to get to 195. Looking for friends to keep me motivated. Feel free to add me!
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    Feel free to add Me! Made a new account for a fresh "re-start" :)