Do you 'forget' to eat lunch?



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    I have never forgotten to eat. I have experienced no appetite, and I have been to busy to eat but I get to a point I can't function without food and have to eat something if it is to late in the day I will eat a spoonful of peanut butter or some cheese until dinner. I have also experienced days where I am hungry all day no matter what I eat.
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    So Amy Schumer did a humorous bit a while back, about people who 'forget' to eat lunch. She said something like, "those words have literally, never come out of my mouth".

    I thought that this was hilarious, because while I have sometimes skipped lunch on purpose, I have never 'forgotten' to eat lunch.

    Of course my husband (who I am convinced is a mutant) has frequently forgotten to eat lunch. He also has never had a weight problem.

    So confess, do you forget to eat lunch, and do have/have you had, a weight problem?

    I remember hearing that joke and loved it too :smile: - have you seen her sketch on the perfect diet - slap chef?

    Yup, never forgotten to eat lunch! I deliberately miss meals, rather than forget about them.

    that was awesome! Thanks!
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    Machka9 wrote: »
    I'm wondering if by "lunch" people mean a set meal time. I consider anything between morning and noon "breakfast", anything between noon and evening "lunch" and anything evening and later "dinner". I may effectively forget to eat at exactly 12 if I'm too focused on something, but it's still lunch to me if I eat it at 3.

    When I've forgotten "lunch", I mean that I might head into the library to research at 11 am and emerge at 4 pm thinking to myself, "Odd ... why am I hungry? ........ Oh look at the time!!

    Yeah, that's true forgetting. Never happened to me.
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    Back in high school when my lunch break consisted of chain smoking cigarettes in my mini van in the school parking lot..I was skinny af too. I would skip eating lunch all the time then. I was intermittent fasting before I knew what intermittent fasting was. At 3 pm I'd hit up the vending machine to grab a coca cola and Doritos to eat in class.
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    I've never considered it "forgetting to eat" but there have been rare occasions when I was super into what I was doing and lost track of time and only when the hunger pangs really kicked in hard did I realize "oh snap, it's 4pm, no wonder I'm hungry..."
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    I never forget. I'm starving by then. But a few times I've been forced to postpone it until I'll just wait for dinner, due to work. But mostly, even if work is busy, I'm starving and find a way to eat my lunch.
  • nevadavis1
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    PS yes, I have a weight problem
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    I usually forget to eat dinner, but that is because I have really heavy lunches.
    ...that I never forget.
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    Before this year, I would have answered never. But since modifying what I eat and being more consistent with my life time workouts, it happens quite often. Amazing what getting a decent amount of fiber per meal can do for ya!

    Speaking of, I should probably eat some lunch now.
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    I follow 16:8 fasting so eat between 12pm-8pm, so I miss "breakfast" Sometimes if Im busy and cant get food then I might not eat til 1-2pm but I usually make sure I have set some time aside to eat on time. I dont get people who can "forget" to eat. My mum was someone who never got hungry, I never understand people like that lol
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    Sometimes. It hasn't happened in the last year or two, because I've been focused on eating at a deficit, or recomping, or whatever. But before that? Yeah, I would forget a meal sometimes. Lunch, maybe, if work was really busy, or even dinner, when I was single and didn't need to feed anyone else. If I'd had a pretty big lunch and never got "hungry," I'd totally forget dinner.
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    kwaasen wrote: »

    I do skip breakfast on purpose to help manage my calories now, if that counts.

    Oh! Doesn't that affect your energy levels or give you cravings later on?

    No, I run for 3 miles and walk for 2 every morning and then go without eating for another good 5-6 hours after that. In fact, most days I get 16-18K steps in before I eat my first meal. It doesn't affect my energy levels at all.

    I don't get cravings later either.

    I found the reverse to be true. I've found eating first thing in the morning sort of turned on my appetite switch and made me hungrier throughout the day. Delaying my first meal keeps my appetite on a more even keel.
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    I skip, never forget. My stomach won't let me.
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    I feel like I think about food way too much. I'm always planning for and thinking about the next meal or snack. That being said I've never had a serious weight problem. But I just can't fathom people who plan things without including food. My husband's family planned a funeral that ran from 10am with a "luncheon" at 4pm. This was so weird to me. I seriously sneaked in subs to the church kitchen and told everyone they were there. People appreciated it. I know it was a funeral and they were obviously grieving but this isn't something I'd ever do.
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    But I just can't fathom people who plan things without including food.

    And yet I wonder why people feel the need to include food in events. I've worked in offices where it is expected that there will be a plate of cookies or donuts or something on the table during the meeting, and I think ... why?

    I also used to tell people that if they wanted to get together with me, or catch up with me, they could get on their bicycles and ride with me. :) Their suggestions were usually going out for coffee or something. :grin:

    That social aspect of food intrigues and puzzles me. :)
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    Ahhhh I cannot even begin to understand how someone would forget to eat! Eating is what I do best! Haha
    I don't care how busy one might be, your body naturally reminds you when you need to eat and drink.
    Cmon now
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    Perhaps when I was in labour. But then I had no idea what time it was, or what day it was. Also, I was on a drip.

    Apart from that, never. I've skipped meals a few times, but only at times of very extreme stress (like death-of-close-family type stress), and I always thought about the meal, maybe even made it, but just couldn't eat it.

    Generally an unfamiliar concept to me.
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    I oftern forget a meal and more times than not it's lunch. If iv had a biggish breakfast and a busy day it just doesn't cross my mind. Unfortunately the second I remember iv forgotton to eat my body/ mind or maybe both start to panic so I'll eat dinner as normal then without meaning to all pick all evening mindlessly finishing packs of biscuits sweets Ice cream tubs ect so it's in no way a good thing for me to miss lunch as it's these days that are realy stallng my loss .
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    It's hard to forget lunch when it's all you think about from the minute you wake up haha