How to drink water?



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    I was a huge huge soda drinker - like if someone says 'pepsi' or 'coke' my mouth literally waters - and i also hated to drink water. I used the little mios water enhancers or sometimes the crystal lite mixes to start the first time i quit drinking soda. it took about a month, but i kicked it for nearly a year. (I made the mistake of going back to soda for you know, a one time thing that turned into a lot more times than that but am nearly 30 days clear of it now and up to 75 oz water per day)

    the enhancers and bottled water made a huge difference. On the days i need a touch of sugar/sodium i mix in some lemonade at a 1:4 part ratio to cut down on the sugar.

    And for what it is worth, I tried having some soda last weekend and it was way way too sweet. There is hope OP!
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    Diet soda, unsweetened flavoured tea, crystal light/mio type additives.
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    shaleiric wrote: »
    I know that if I start drinking water it will help hugely with weight loss

    Why would it?
    It's not magic!

    Staying hydrated (from any source) is important for health but drinking water doesn't help you lose weight.
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    Not like this:

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    Try a product that I use a lot. It's called Stur. It's a zero calorie water flavoring that is all natural and Stevia based. I love it and use it daily.
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    I like Smart Water, it is distilled water with electrolytes added

    Smart water, Propel, Mio and the like all add some flavoring which is nice. I've started soaking acai green tea bags in my water today actually which was a nice change.
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    I don't like tap water/room temp water. I love cold water, ice water, sparkling water, soda water!
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    How can you not like water? It's tasteless, colorless and odorless. I don't get it.

    Not our municipal water and not in the summer especially. Right now it smells and tastes like a swimming pool. We overcame this by installing an under-sink filter in the kitchen. Yes, it required having another hole drilled in our counter but we love that extra little faucet for the filtered water.