Body image issues



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    I hear you loud and clear on this. When I look in the mirror the ONLY things I can see are my stomach and the blemishes on my skin, it's like no other part of me exists... Has only got worse as I've got older!
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    I'm experiencing the same too. I reached my goal weight so my old clothes are loose on me. Everyone even tells me that they visibly see the loss. But when I look at myself in the mirror I just don't see any difference, I just see the same old me. And after becoming more active, I see parts on my body that needs to be worked on, like toned, defined, muscle... Etc. I know it's a distorted way of thinking and I've been trying to stay more positive and accepting of myself regardless of how I look. But at times I have those off days and feel less motivated. Regardless I'm still trying to push myself to have a happier mindset...!
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    It just sucks because, for me at least, it's like a constant vicious circle. I'll look at my stomach and want to lose more weight (because I still can't see abs), so then I'll set out to lose some more pounds, then I'll feel so hungry and deprived and convince myself I don't need to lose anymore weight (because I am relatively thin already), then I'll eat a normal amount of food, and then I'm back to wanting to lose weight to see my's ridiculous and drives me and the people in my life crazy. :/
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    No yeah I'm in the same boat! I have an all or nothing mentality so I restrict myself on certain foods and sweets. But then I end up having less energy to work out. And once I eat a little more I end up getting frustrated Bc I'm back to where I started (I'm at that point where it's really hard to lose a few more pounds). And I know it's silly of me but whenever I see in the mirror those missing abs or muscles on my body I get sad. I know it takes time, more physical activity and proper food planning/moderation, but it's just irrational thoughts on my parts...
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    Yes for me as well. When i look in the mirror, i like what I see. I look great in clothes, and ok naked. I have some loose skin and still have a bit more extra weight, but I'm happy with the results and don't want to go back ( i lost over 75 lbs). Problem for me, that my mental picture of me is often the old, fat me. And it seems to want to stay, no matter what i see in actual pictures and mirrors, and what people are saying to me. So I'm working on reminding myself often, and , probably being annoying to others to some extent with often mirror checks. It's not sticking well though.
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    I imagine most of us on this site have body image issues. When I was a teenager I always thought I needed to lose 5-10 pounds. I didn't, and looking back at photos I looked great and I wish I had appreciated that. Then after I got married and had a couple of kids my weight started creeping up. After my kids were grown I started walking my son's dog and came on mfp and started counting calories. That led to my weight loss and eventually I started doing yoga and running. I am now pretty fit. Even though I feel like I shouldn't say that or people will look at me and think "she's not as fit as she thinks she is". It's like I go through both extremes of feeling like I look good and noticing all of the problem areas I still have. On the one hand I think my arms look great. They used to look like giant sausages and now I can see some real muscle definition. The problem is in certain positions I can see loose skin too and that makes me feel bad. My stomach is another problem area. I know that I have loose skin there, but honestly it is not all loose skin. There is still a lot of fat there. But my upper ribs are starting to show and I can look in the mirror and think I look fat and scrawny at the same time. I hope that my loose skin will improve with time. And I hope that I will just become more accepting of myself, flaws and all. I think that it is sad that someone like @nowine4me is embarrassed of the way she looks. You look fantastic. But I understand. I do think that for the most part I look pretty good in clothes, but when I look closely I do still see the flaws more than the improvements. It doesn't help that people think they have the right to comment about your weight loss in ways that are not helpful. I've been told I was obsessive and that I shouldn't lose any more weight because I looked better heavy. That doesn't do much for your body image.
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    Yes, and my views will change from day to day and sometimes from morning to night. lol I just posted on my wall asking others to "commiserate" with me - then came to the community and saw that you all had already started! I echo many of the things mentioned in this post...most of which did NOT come until I lost the weight and became a bit of an athlete. I am harder on myself now than I have ever been. Folks that I have mentioned my insecurities to in "real life" DO think that I am crazy! lol I hear all the time how I inspire them and look Great, but all that I can see some days is my LAST problem area, my arms. I am taking even MORE action though to fix the physical "problem" by doing another cut which WORKED the FIRST time... (grumble, grumble)... and just reflecting more on all the great things that I do have going for me (thankfully) to work on the mental piece.

    Edited to add: arms are my last problem area that sometimes seem insurmountable...I have other little things that may or may not go away but are not a BIG focus/hangup for me...a bit of loose skin right under my navel..four kids so I don't know if that will go All the way away, but in undies you would never see it...still building my lower half - it's not a problem so much as an ongoing effort to stay a bit shapely and hopefully, jiggle/cellulite free.
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    I can definitely relate. I have had weight issues since I was a preteen. I had four children in the span of 7 years. All babies were considerable size (smallest being 8 pounds, 6 ounces; largest 10 pounds, 7 ounces). I gained a lot of weight with each and bounced back and forth. I have a lot of excess skin, especially in the torso and even my hips/thighs have some. No matter what, all I see is the jiggle. Sure, some fat is holding on...that's all I seem to focus on. I just wonder if I'll ever get to a place when my self-talk isn't "I'm so fat. I need to do better. I'm not pretty enough." It's tiring and frustrating.
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    kgirlhart wrote: »
    I've been told I was obsessive and that I shouldn't lose any more weight because I looked better heavy. That doesn't do much for your body image.

    Definitely. I hear this from extended family, always. It can be crushing even when I'm not close to these people.

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    I feel like I'm too skinny. My arms and legs are like sticks and I have no butt. I've always been this way and I've always been self conscious about it. Especially in high school when random people who I didn't even know would come up to me and grab my wrists and say there so small! And I kind of feel like I'm not allowed to have body issues because I'm not fat.
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    Yeah. I'm working on saving money for contouring XD
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    Yes! I still hurt from feeling that I lost out on life by being a bit overweight for 15 years. In reality I've been fit for nearly 10 years now! But a tough postpartum period set my self esteem way back. I didn't have my decent shape to draw self esteem from anymore.

    So I am trying to figure out how to have the body, but like my self no matter what.

    There are some useful thoughts in this thread. Is anyone using any specific tools to help themselves along? Please don't say therapy, haha. I like self-help.
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    I definitely can! I grew up doing ballet and did it to quite a high level. Even when I was little (9 or 10) I noticed what other people looked like, I saw how the tiny girls got so much attention and their lines always looked so good. Of course it's ridiculous because at that age we were growing at different rates, I developed faster than those girls and had always done a lot of sport, particularly swimming, which gave me stronger but larger thighs and shoulders so I always felt huge- not like a dainty ballerina.

    Nowadays I don't dance but that kind of dainty ideal stuck with me. I try not to compare as much anymore, it's hard not to notice though, because it's pointless and a lot of the time bone structure has more to do with it than actual weight. No amount of weight loss will give me tiny hips or long legs. I'd love to say I don't envy girls with long slim legs but I do! I'm also concious of how big my thighs are and the fact I can seemingly NEVER flatten that muffin top.

    I try to focus on the bits of my body I like and try find a positive spin on the bits I feel less positive about.
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    Just remember that theres always someone who would kill for a body like yours.
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    I do, I really don't feel like I am "thin", but in retrospect, I never felt like I was "overweight" either. I struggle to see any changes good or bad. I always feel the same. So I was shocked when I stepped on the scale this past new years and saw what I weighed (nearly 155lbs @ 5'3" wearing a size 10/12). Fastforward 7 months. I am now at my goal weight of 125lbs and just purchased size 4 pants. I should feel "thin" but I don't. I know I look thinner, because people have commented on my weight loss, but I just don't see the drastic difference.
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    I sometimes have body issues and sometimes I don't. It depends on my mood I guess. I can look exactly the same on 2 different days and one day I'll think I'm a big fat hog and everything looks horrible on me, and the other I'll think I look super hot.

    I like the days where I think I look hot the best, although I have noticed that I tend to get more compliments on days I think I look terrible. Not sure why.
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    Sometimes I'm like, "holy bananas, I hate my body" but then I'm like, "life is an illusion. i am a speck of cosmic dust floating on a rock trapped in an orbit around a ball of flame in a vast and largely unknown universe that is unfathomably older than humans so why am I worried about this?!"

    For real though - some days are hard, some days are easy. Some days I think, hot damn, I'm smokin' whereas I could look the exact same on another day and want to crawl back in bed because nothing looks or feels good.

    Also, as weird as this sounds, I enjoyed reading this thread. When MFP interviewed me a few months ago and wrote this blog post, I felt real alone on the subject 'cause it's the part of weight loss people rarely talk about.