What's the story behind your screen name?



  • TheChaoticBuffalo
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    There was this buffalo that got loose in the casino, so I.... Oh, wait! Sorry. That's the wrong story. That's the one I tell to the gullible young girls. B)

    Buffalo are my favorite badass animal and chaos theory intrigues the hell out of me, so I just combined them.
  • humansasornaments
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    It came from some Mars Volta lyrics and I thought it was fitting for a fitness site.

    Humans as ornaments
  • Kullerva
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    Kullervo was a cursed child from Finnish mythology that grew up in slavery, took revenge as an adult, and wound up accidentally (and sometimes not-so-accidentally) exterminating everything and everyone ever connected to him. It's...kind of a bummer.

    I picked Kullerva because I'm female and I identify with the upbringing. I think he deserved a better ending. Here's to me trying...
  • CapnVillainBLK
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    Capn - as in Captain America, Captain Caveman, Capn Crunch
    Villain - a play on my last name
    BLK - because I'm black...
  • GlucoseKitten23
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    Raising awareness! Kittens get the diabeetus too :'(
  • fragl3line
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    Literally couldn't think of anything at that moment except I liked cats & fragile came to mind at the same time. Also my favorite number is 3!
  • crmzn
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    Crmzn = crimson. As in the Crimson Tide.

    War Eagle :-)

    I live in Auburn lol
  • Calichemist
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    Unfortunately there isn't anything special or cool about my handle. I'm just a chemist from California. Haha
  • misnomer1
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    my username is a misnomer. this sounded way cooler 15 years back. it was my counterstrike screenname then.
  • It comes from the title of a script by Harlan Ellison that was mangled into a horrible show called THE STARLOST. So it is both a reference to rebirth through changing my lifestyle and a tip of the hat to one of my favorite authors.
  • warofmylife13
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    Nutrition and losing weight has always been on my mind since I was a little kid, so it's the war of my life in combination of my lucky number. and I'm a huge John Mayer fan..
  • slimgirljo15
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    Isn't it obvious?

    No..please explain!
  • Dr_Fishbowl
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    At a young age I got my head stuck in a fishbowl, causing my father to explicitly say, in less then gentle terms, "Way to go dumb *kitten*, guess we don't have to worry about you ever getting a PhD!" And thus Doctor Fishbowl was born!---or in this case stuck. It's actually quite traumatizing to have to go thorough life with a glass dome on ones head, your close enough to see the world but destined to never touch it, not to mention the mold and mew-dew build up, quite unsanitary if I don't say so myself.
  • nevadavis1
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    Oh, my parents gave it to me. Except for the numbers at the end.

    Me too! I created my account here and MFP suggested it and I was like "ok"--didn't even know you could get all creative with it.

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    Well. Atari because of the old gaming system and "neo" because...well...I thought it sounded cool when I was a teenager. lol

    We found an Atari in our basement when we bought this house. Still works!

    Why isn't your name Taco_Ethes? Do you even like tacos? Why did you name yourself after tacos if you don't even like them?

    Taco_ethes was taken.


    This was me last night!

    Shaking your fist? Or that the name taco_ethes was taken? :lol:

    both because of the latter, the fist was for you
  • Who_Needs_Pants
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    I'd just watched Cloud Atlas and ZeroCool was already taken.