August 2017 Running Challenge



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    Thanks for that clarification. I've never run short repeats, so I wan't sure. I was mainly putting it out there because I'm thinking that it meant that I should lengthen my intervals out to 800+ at the 5k pace, because I had enough left to drop the hammer after running 11 of the 400s. Just confirms for me that lengthening the repeats, to see how I do running that pace longer, is the right thing to do, rather than going faster.

    I looked back at the interval sessions from last year and they were all 600m-1600m and sandwiched into a 8-11 mile run. If i remember correctly there was a minimum of 3 miles WU, then the intervals, and anywhere from 1-2 miles CD. These workouts were a total of 7 or 8 interval sessions in the back half of the plan.

    some of the workouts were
    9 miles w/ 5x600 or 6x600
    11 miles w/ 6x1200 - those sucked
    8 miles w/ 3x1600

    I think if you ran your warmup longer than 1 mile you'd get your starting HR a bit higher as well.
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    @skippygirlsmom - I had the blister problem the first year I started running and the store told me make sure socks have no cotton in them. Of course, they were willing to sell me a pair for $14. I did switch to socks without cotton and haven't had the problem anymore.

    I just realized I haven't posted my miles all week! School has been crazy. And when I get home too tired to do anything. Finally made it to strength training last night and was so happy about that. Today things seem to have calmed down. It's not my classes that was so busy - it's the rest of the work I do (all database type stuff).

    Anyway, missed everyone! Hopefully I'll be able to start to read more posts again!

    8/1 - 4.1
    8/2 - 5.00
    8/3 - 5.00
    8/4 - rest day
    8/5 - 44 miles biking
    8/6 - 28 miles biking
    8/7 - 5 miles
    8/8 - 5 miles
    8/9 - 5 miles
    8/10 - rest day
    8/11 - 5 miles
    8/12 - 53 miles biking
    8/13 - 41 miles biking
    8/14 - 4 miles
    8/15 - 4.7 miles
    8/16 - rest day
    8/17 - 4 miles + strength training
    8/18 - 4.5 miles

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    I am finally recovered enough to think about running. Usually I run Saturday and Sunday and get six miles each day. Sunday always feels easier than Saturday, why is that?

    I would assume that if I ran today, a little bit, it would make Saturday's running even easier. But I can see that that maybe a runner's skewed rationalization. What do y'all think?
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    @ddmom0811 I've always been careful to say away from cotton so I know that's not it, also I haven't changed the brand of socks in 4 years. I think the pair was just starting to get old. Just the other day Fleet Feet posted in response to someone's post that you need to get rid of old socks just like old shoes. I'll need to look through the laundry for what I wore and get rid of them. Thanks!

    @elise4270 well and if you ran Thursday it was would make Friday easier.
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    @skippygirlsmom yes! So if I run every day, it shouldn't be long until I catch @MobyCarp @MNLittleFinn @PastorVincent or @garygse ! :smiley:

    I just run a different trail on the weekend. Maybe that's it.
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    Total - 70.6/120 Miles
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    Date :::: Miles :::: Cumulative
    08/01/17 :::: 5.5 :::: 5.5
    08/02/17 :::: 2.4 :::: 7.9
    08/03/17 :::: 5.0 :::: 12.9
    08/04/17 :::: 2.5 :::: 15.4
    08/05/17 :::: 10.2 :::: 25.7
    08/06/17 :::: 3.0 :::: 28.7
    08/07/17 :::: 3.5 :::: 32.2
    08/08/17 :::: 6.0 :::: 38.2
    08/09/17 :::: 0.0 :::: 38.2
    08/10/17 :::: 3.9 :::: 42.0
    08/11/17 :::: 2.1 :::: 44.1
    08/12/17 :::: 10.4 :::: 54.5
    08/13/17 :::: 3.3 :::: 57.8
    08/14/17 :::: 3.2 :::: 61.0
    08/15/17 :::: 5.1 :::: 66.1
    08/16/17 :::: 3.1 :::: 69.1
    08/17/17 :::: 0.0 :::: 69.1
    08/18/17 :::: 0.0 :::: 69.1
    Goal = 120 miles

    I ended up taking a second day off from running by accident. I packed my gym bag this morning but when I got to the Y to hit the treadmill (hot and humid today, didn't have it in me) I realized I forgot my shorts! I think they frown on running in your underwear at the Y, so I had to bail on that plan. Fortunately I did have my swimsuit stuffed in the bag so I substituted some lap swimming. I haven't been swimming for like 6 months but it felt really good and I was able to get 36 laps in, which the Y pool says is a mile.

    I'm always wiped out after swimming, and STARVING. But the calorie burn it gives me from Garmin is so low. It just isn't set up for non-step kind of activities. I have no problem going over my calorie goal for today at tonight's wine and food event at the zoo!
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    Non-running check in:

    Day 3 of ankle sprain. It didn't hurt as much this morning, and I was able to job a few laps of the hallway while the eggs cooked, but not the full 2 minutes. So, no real running today.

    On the bright side, I was able to do more of my pre-injury morning routine than I could yesterday. I managed 3 sets of 10 cone touches vs. 1 set of 5 yesterday. The one-leg calf raises were impossible at body weight 2 days ago, limited to 15 lbs. yesterday, and possible with 25 lbs. today. That is, 25 lbs. was challenging to the right leg and trivially easy on the left leg. Managed my usual body weight walking lunges, but had to pay attention.

    The ankle still isn't happy with walking any great distance. This is the point of danger, where it is quite possible for me to push through and do enough to injure myself worse. I'm trying not to do that, so I've kept the walking intervals under a half mile.

    Good thing I'm retired. If I had to deal with the work stress from my former employer, this would be driving me nuts a lot worse than it is now. Now, I can sit and read this thread and talk about interval training. "Those who can't do, teach."
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    @MobyCarp it sucks that you're injured, but I've greatly appreciated the interval advice the last few days.
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    Feeling really good after my walk/run today.

    August 9: 5.0 miles
    August 10: 4.0 miles
    August 11: 6.0 miles
    August 12: 0 miles
    August 13: 3 miles
    August 14: 0 miles
    August 15: 1 mile
    August 16: 1 mile
    August 17: 4 miles
    August 18: 6.5 miles
    August 19:
    August 20:
    August 21:
    August 22:
    August 23:
    August 24:
    August 25:
    Total miles logged in August: 30.5 miles
    Total miles left to go in August: 59.5 miles
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    August goal is 125 (Probably out of reach since I got no miles in the first week)

    Aug run.....MTD 0 miles
    Aug run.....MTD 0 miles
    Aug run.....MTD 0 miles
    Aug run.....MTD 0 miles
    Aug run.....MTD 0 miles
    Aug 6.....10 miles..MTD 10 miles
    Aug run.....MTD 10 miles
    Aug 8.....3.1 miles..MTD 13.1 miles. 1st run of 1/2 marathon training program.
    Aug 9.....3.2 miles..MTD 16.3 miles 2nd run of 1/2 marathon training program
    Aug 10...4 miles.....MTD 20.3 miles 3rd run of 1/2 training program
    Aug 11...0 miles.....MTD Rest Day
    Aug 12...0 miles.....MTD Cross-training day per plan. Did 1 hour of cycling.
    Aug 13...7 miles.....MTD 27.3
    Aug 14...0 miles.....MTD 27.3 Rest Day
    Aug 15...3.1miles...MTD 30.4
    Aug 16...4.1miles...MTD 34.5
    Aug 17...5 miles.....MTD 39.5
    Aug 18...0 miles.....MTD 39.5

    2nd week of 1/2 marathon training complete. Glad there was no run scheduled today as heat index has been 100-105 all day. Currently at 7:15 PM it is still 91 degrees. Plan calls for 30-40 minutes of cross-training tomorrow, which I plan to fulfill with a bike ride in the morning before the heat gets too oppressive. Have a good and safe weekend everyone and stay hydrated.

    Upcoming races:
    Kellie's Krew 10K, Aug 26, Dunn NC
    FCYC Glow Run 5K, Sep 16, Fayetteville NC
    Turkey Trot 1/2 Marathon, Nov.(date to be determined) Pinehurst NC
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    8/17. Swim 1.75 miles fitness classes
    8/18. Swim 1.75 miles 1 fitness class
    Run 5.1 miles today was what I call a match day 83 degrees 83 percent humidity cost me about 30 seconds per mile pace
    August 80.9 / goal 100 miles
    Highest monthly ever 88 miles should pass that easily this weekend and hit monthly goal by mid week
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    Had a good run this morning. 5K with a pretty good pace for me: 10:43/mi. Going to settle in at this distance for a while, and work on speed and form. It's about all the time I have on workdays, so a week or two out I'll push distance again on the weekend. Well on way to meeting August goal. If the ticker doesn't say it, I'm at 32.68 of 45 miles.


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    My daughter bought me beer a week ago, Modelo especial, guess I'll have to see if they are still as good as I remember... Usually there's a no alcohol rule in the house, but DH is out to a meeting. And I have to see how it pairs with this grilled cheese.

    Awesome day to have a hat that fits my child size head. Thanks Patagonia! (And RW for the article).

    1---5.49mi/ 8.85km
    3---4.23 / 6.8
    5---4.55 / 7.3
    6---9.14 l 14.7
    10---2.87, 1.98/4.6, 3.2
    11---shot, travel day.

    Total 41.56/67.0
    Goal 89 miles/144 km

    Upcoming races:

    Sept 30 Festival 5k Tishomingo Ok.
    Oct 1 Spirit of Survival, Lawton OK. Quarter Marathon
    Oct 4 AIM for the Cure- 5K, virual run
    Dec 2- POOP trail run, Hoping for a half! Norman OK.

    Pre-op PR's
    1 mile 8:27  5k 24:42. 10k 1:00.52.  HM 2:17.28
    Post-op Training PR's 1 mile 10:04  5k 34.27 10k 1:12.49

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    Dcorrick wrote: »
    Had a good run this morning. 5K with a pretty good pace for me: 10:43/mi. Going to settle in at this distance for a while, and work on speed and form. It's about all the time I have on workdays, so a week or two out I'll push distance again on the weekend. Well on way to meeting August goal. If the ticker doesn't say it, I'm at 32.68 of 45 miles.


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    MobyCarp wrote: »
    In 2014, after my first half marathon, I ended up with multiple stress fractures in my left metatarsals. That was a tough period to get through, and one of the things I did was get a cat:


    My current sprained right ankle isn't as frustrating as that stress fracture, but it's nice that I still have that cat. She's a bit more comfy being close to me than she was in the first picture:


    No doubt she'll be disappointed when I'm running more and paying less attention to her again.

    she looks quite a character.