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Hi guys,
Over the last one and half month, I have gained 2 lbs. I am on maintenance. This gain is freaking me out. I cannot diet anymore. I just don't have anymore patience to be back on 1200. Since, I have become small i need to eat 1200 and to be very accurate. It's frustrating. Can't eat 1200. Please help me. I am trying but i fail after two days. With 1200 i just don't have enough energy to excerise anymore which I usually do. College is starting in two weeks also how to get rid of it


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    Unless you are really, really small - you shouldn't be maintaining on 1200. I'll ask seeing as everyone else will anyway - what are your stats? Are you weighing and measuring everything you eat?
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    Edited. Start logging every bite. Get a food scale from a store next to measuring cups.
    Try your best to meet that protein goal. Don't skip meals.
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    I don't maintain at 1200 but i am sedentary so to create a deficit.... I maintain at 1580 something
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    If you maintain at 1580, 1330 a day will have you lose .5 lb a week, so 2lbs gone in 4 weeks.
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    To me, two pounds seems well within a normal fluctuation, but I weigh myself daily & see all kinds of ups & downs. How often do you weigh yourself? Could it be related to your cycle?
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    2lbs is well within normal daily fluctuations - nothing to suggest it is 2lbs of fat you put on.
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    Ignore this post.
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    You say you don't want to exercise anymore. OK. Let's assume there is no fluctuation on weight due to water and stuff and that it's all real gain. You're talking about the equivalent of taking a half hour or so walk beyond your normal activity each day, not necessarily an intense exercise session.