Keto - Struggling to start over my weightloss journey

Hi! I did really well two years ago and lost 30 lbs, I was using MFP everyday and working out 6 times a week. However, I got really sick and had to have surgery as well as going on hormones for a year (PCOS sucks!) - within the first month I gained 15lbs back and slowly regained all the weight I have lost. I have been trying to get back to my healthy self for the past 6 months.

Keto is the only thing that kinda worked for me, so I am looking for like-minded people to motivate each other! :) Feel free to add me



  • anthonyhere
    anthonyhere Posts: 21 Member
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    Hi i have been trying intermittent fasting 8/16 hours, combined with keto or at least low carb. Seems to be working better now.
  • mlc98
    mlc98 Posts: 1 Member
    I just started keto 5 days ago and I am having so much success! Nothing has worked this well for me! Keep with it and those pounds will fly off!!
  • millergirl314
    millergirl314 Posts: 1 Member
    Second round keto for me!
  • rykrieg1
    rykrieg1 Posts: 3 Member
    Super excited about Keto.... doing tons of research and trying to find staple meals here.. I LOVE EGGS... but after a while they are not filling. I really love cheese as well but have to watch the sodium intake.. Looking forward to hearing others ideas on their staple meals?
  • jwilson507
    jwilson507 Posts: 15 Member
    I just started intermittent fasting yesterday. I didn't miss eating breakfast. My breakdown looked like this 25 percent carbs, 28 protein and 47 fat. Can someone tell me if that is close to a keto plan?
  • MarcA1218
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    I also let a surgery (actually 2) cause me to gain weight and now it's hard to lose. Going to try the low carb diet also.