How many eggs per day do you eat?



  • aeloine
    aeloine Posts: 2,163 Member
    2 a day
  • lme0627
    lme0627 Posts: 46 Member
    normally two every morning, and an omelet once a week. We have hens, so fresh eggs-
  • watts6151
    watts6151 Posts: 905 Member
    Usually 2-4 eggs per week
    And 1-2 litres of egg whites
  • papercut2k
    papercut2k Posts: 83 Member
    3 in the morning for my veggie omelette. Maybe one or two for a snack in a pinch especially after a workout.
  • kgirlhart
    kgirlhart Posts: 5,046 Member
    I usually have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast on weekdays. On weekends I rarely eat breakfast.
  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 7,675 Member
    One egg along with two tablespoons of egg whites every night.
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,488 Member
    0-3 whole eggs a week. I might also mix with egg whites (for more protein value), but I go through spells when eggs get tiring and/or bored with them.
  • sofchak
    sofchak Posts: 862 Member
    I love eggs - Make as many recipes as I can with them; therefore, I would say I average 2-4 per day between whole eggs and egg whites based on what I am making and how many calories I have to play with for a meal. This morning was 2 eggs with an egg white, mixed with sweet potato hash, riced cauliflower, corn/black bean salsa and turkey sausage. A whole lotta yum for 350 calories! For dinner, I had an entire bag of power blend veggies, a chicken sausage, marinara sauce, grated Parmesan cheese, some shrimp and a fried egg for another 350 calories. My blood work has been stellar for the last two years (since I started MFP). Good stuff :smile:
  • shaunshaikh
    shaunshaikh Posts: 616 Member
    3-4 eggs for breakfast every morning. It has helped make this process so much easier because it helps me not feel like I'm dieting. Sometimes I have them fried sunny side up, but mostly I make omelettes. The omelettes cook fast and give me a lot of opportunity for creativity and playing around with different taste profiles to keep me interested. And finally, they're cheap!

    Cheap, delicious, easy to make, fast to prepare, solid protein base to start the morning, easy to pair with other flavors and foods -- what's not to love?
  • bellaesprita000
    bellaesprita000 Posts: 384 Member
    1-3 depending on the day. Just started eating egg whites. Yum!
  • joshh__f
    joshh__f Posts: 4 Member
    I love eggs! Sunday night I usually boil about 6-8 eggs for the week. Usually 2 for breakfast.
  • BinaryPulsar
    BinaryPulsar Posts: 8,927 Member
    I was eating 2 a day. Recently increased to 3 a day for more protein.