What Fitbit to buy

Hello. Looking in to fitbits are they any good? What's the best one to get? Thanks.


  • activities1
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    Love charge hr
  • bellaesprita000
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    Ditto @activities1 . I have the charge hr 2. It's comfortable to work out in, live your daily life in, and sleep in. You should also know the new fitbit ionic is coming out soon if you are looking for an activity tracker + a smartwatch combo.
  • gerla_k
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    I have Fitbit charge 2 and so far I like it.
  • teahlee123
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    I love the charge hr!! And my mother says the charge 2 is amazing as well!
  • DEBOO7
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    I've got a Fitbit one as I can't stand wearing anything on by wrist. Keep it clipped on my bra at the side. Not sure how I ever managed without it :-)
  • FitPhillygirl
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    Fitbit will be coming out with a new smart Watch type tracker soon if that is something that interests you. If not, the Charge 2 is very good.
  • rayzerwolf
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    I have the Charge 2 but I wish I got something I can swim with as I swim a lot in the warm months.
  • MeanderingMammal
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    RY4N87 wrote: »
    Hello. Looking in to fitbits are they any good? What's the best one to get? Thanks.

    Key question is what's most important to you in terms of features and data. You may also want to question whether you're tied to FitBit of whether a different brand will give you something closer to your needs.
  • kljfo
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    I have the charge 2, got it recently. So far I'm really impressed!

    Does anyone else find it over estimates calories burned? I read that some people find that....but I've never had an activity tracker before so I wouldn't know
  • krushal8880
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    Love the blaze! Just like a watch but more! :)
  • Avidkeo
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    I just got the Alta HR and I LOVE it. similar to the Charge HR, but smaller, and doesn't do floors climbed which I didn't care about. but it has the reminder to move which I why I got it, and the battery lasts me 8 days.

    the fitbit website has a little test where you put in whats most important for you and points you to the best product for what you want. I wanted heart rate and reminder to move, and didn't care about floors, hence Alta HR. If you care about floors, then go for the Charge HR.
  • jillybeansalad
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    What do YOU want it for? The new Ionic will have built in GPS, as does the Surge. The ionic can even be used for swimming. :) My husband loves his Charge 2 HR, he's a pretty big runner, but not interested in mapped runs. I currently wear the Blaze, but I love statistics, graphs, and numbers.
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    Ryokat wrote: »
    A Garmin :)

  • Danimri84
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    I had a Charge HR and recently switched to the Charge 2. I love it!
  • jaymijones
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    I had a Charge HR and while I mostly loved it that particular model has a few design flaws, the band falls apart. Fitbit is no longer selling them, but if you find a third party seller who is still is, don't waste your money.

    I recently switched to a Charge 2 and love it. One day I'll get a smart watch. But not yet.
  • mwd1764
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    I love the Garmin series. VivoActive HR was great. Now use the the Fenix 5x
  • I've got the Charge 2, and am very happy with it. The battery life could be a bit longer though.
  • KarenSmith2018
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    garmin vivioactive HR. If you want something that had built in GPS then the Garmin is great and has that function. as well as the GPS built in i love the functionality of my Garmin