5ft 4 female. SW 187 GW 140 tell me your success stories

I am at the beginning of my journey and my current stats are as follows:
SW 187
GW 140
Sedentary but run 4 miles 3 X a week
Eat at 1400 Kcal

Ladies with similar stats please can you share you success stories. How did you do it? Can you share a typical days eating plan?


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    Awesome job! You look great!
  • KateD0707
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    Some awesome results here. Can anyone share a typical day meal plan they followed please?
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    I'm 5,4- SW 200, CW 182, goal 140. Add me if you want! Good luck!
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    Loving the stories, motivation and inspiration please keep it coming!!
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    KateD0707 wrote: »
    Some awesome results here. Can anyone share a typical day meal plan they followed please?

    I usually keep things pretty simple, but here's a rough day:
    Breakfast: Oatmeal with apple, peanut butter, and egg whites cooked in cashew milk.
    Snack: 2 rice cakes
    Lunch: Rice with broccoli and ground turkey (sometimes black beans) and a little soya sauce.
    Snack: 2 eggs or 1/2c egg whites depending on macros with deli turkey slices
    Dinner: Fish or chicken with sweet potato or squash (sometimes with a little coconut oil on top)
    Snack: 0% greek yogurt with chia seeds, flax, strawberries and a little bit of granola.

    (other typical meals include potato cooked with mushroom/onion/egg/bell pepper/broccoli, giant salads, omelettes, or protein waffles with pb. check my diary for specific measurements)
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    I am 5.4, start weight 194, goal weight 140. Please add me too
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    I'm 5'5, small frame / SW: 176 CW: 138-144

    I run 3-4 times a week and lift 2-3 times a week.
    I eat around 1400-1500 on non-workout days and 2000-2200+ on running days. I eat maintenance during ovulation and right before my period. I'm still trying to shed the last bit of fat, so small deficit for me the rest of the month. 3xmo1c6j1w7e.jpg

    You look amazing! I eat more during ovulation as well. I get ravenous lol. But I burn slightly more at that time because I always still lose.
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    My highest weight was 225, but my starting weight for MFP was 205. I'm 5' 4 1/2" and just hit 140. I'm planning on continuing until 133. I run three days a week and strength train three days a week. The best advice I can give is to make small changes you can stick to instead of overhauling everything at once. I started with very little exercise, then used daily burn for a while, then added couch to 5k, then added lifting just this past May. The whole process will take a while and it's rather daunting, but it's so so worth it! For reference, here's me in the same dress at a size 14 and a 4.


    Wow, great job! And you're right about making small changes.
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    halfmill1 wrote: »
    I'm 5.3 starting weight was 216 in Feb. I'm now 157. My goal is 140 or less. I exercise at least 5 days a week. Exercise consist of brisk walking 4.3 or higher for 3-6 miles. Sometimes I run a nine minute first mile then walk the rest. Sometimes I go for a 2-3 mile run outside. I stick to a 1200 calorie diet on most days. I do usually have a cheat meal once a week. I never eat breakfast with my meds it makes me sick. For lunch a lot of times I will have an egg sandwhich. One over easy egg, two pieces of bread, and one piece of cheese. I also have a coffee. Coffee is my new addiction. I love it but I add cream and sugar so it's not the best but it is the thing I look forward to everyday and helps me to not feel hungry. For dinner a lot of times I have chicken or pasta. I either bread it in corn flakes and cook it. You can find the actual recipe on cooking matters.org or I marinade it in terriaki or Italian dressing and cook it. I will have a side of vegetables or beans with the chicken usually. Bananas, apples, yogurt, and string cheese are favorite snacks of mine. I also like pickels. As long as I calorie count I don't limit myself too much on what I eat just more how much. I don't eat fast food anymore and I haven't had a soda all year. I do occasionally go out to a sit down restaurant tho. I also have found that edible arrangements has a smooty of the day everyday for 2 dollars and they are under 200 calories. Sometimes when I need something sweet I get that. iqjd3ejc5fn7.png

    What a huge difference even in your face!
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    I am 5'4" and my highest weight (not including pregnancy because I was almost 200lbs) was 187lbs. That's where I started this time 4 years ago when my son was almost a year old (he's now almost 5). I am now around 140lbs.

    I lost weight pretty slowly. I was breastfeeding and ate around 2000 calories and didn't subtract my exercise or nursing calories (it would probably be around 1500 calories/day without). In the first couple years I did a lot of Jillian Michaels DVDs and walked 3-6 km almost every day. I lost 30 lbs in the first two years. Most people here lose a lot faster but I didn't mind. And honestly I find the slower I lose the easier it is to keep off.

    In those two years I mostly just ate what was lower calories like zero fat yogurt and granola and berries for breakfast or a snack, or pizza but not a lot. I ate whatever fit into my calorie goal. My diary is open if you want to go back that far. The most important thing is I weighed everything. I have a book with my recipes and all the macros and I weighed all ingredients going into it and it all together then what it weighed after being cooked. I then broke it down into grams and entered it into MFP as my food (not recipe). Even processed foods like bread I weighed because they are often off. But I started getting very sick at times and it came and went and I couldn't figure out what was causing it.

    The third year I started eating more of what I thought of as healthy and more paleo style since something was wrong and I knew grains were causing my inflammation in my joints. I wasn't losing but would have stretches where I wasn't sick. Then I did the whole30 diet and I became very sick again. My gallbladder at this point started contacting and giving me tons of pain but no gallstones (I wouldn't let them take it out though). Then the next year I had a endoscopy with biopsy and found out I had celiac disease. So even though I wasn't eating gluten I was eating contaminated foods and I would cheat here and there. In the past year since learning about cross contamination and celiac disease I have lost another 12 lbs without really trying. Now I recently learned I have a corn allergy and that's harder to stay away from than gluten because corn is literally in everything.

    So my story is a bit different than most, but I still had a lot of progress. I started lifting a couple years ago but stopped when I had all the pain and inflammation. Recently started again. I think I'm done losing weight but I want to tighten up my jelly body now. I still have a high body fat percentage but my hubby is worried and doesn't want me to lose more so I'll just get healthier instead of worrying about the scale number.

    The first pics are before and after from after losing 30lbs or so and the last ones in the pink are after losing another 12 lbs.