Post here if you want more friends!



  • Lshona
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  • sarakenna12
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    I need more friends too! I find it motivating to read other people's check-ins, including their ups and downs. I try to communicate mine as well.
  • PeteCarolino
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    So... very new to this how do you add someone? sorry guys
  • Davidaw86
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    So... very new to this how do you add someone? sorry guys

    Hey Pete, if you are using the website (not sure about the app) you click on the person's name and a box will pop up. Then you click their name one more time and it will take you to their profile. There, you just hit the "add as friend" button on their profile and enter a comment if you want to and hit the "add as friend" button again. Then it's up to them to accept it or not.
  • Grey_Walker
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    Feel free to add me :wink:
  • bweath2
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    Motivation please. 44yo, 80 lbs more to lose, keto for now.
  • littlebuffbiddy
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  • Vynex
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    Feel free to add me! Fairly active and always looking for more friends :)
  • BunnyDish
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    I'm just starting out and would love a few pals to motivate me! I have 49 lbs to lose (sheesh how'd that happen?)
  • KayTeeOne
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    Hey trying to lose weight by eating healthy and counting calories as can't exercise much due to physical limitations. Please feel free to add me. Have a good day everyone
  • tflower17
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    Please add me as well! I'd ove to share the journey with you.
  • mmompoint8708
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am a mother of five children and I am 30years old. After seeing photos of myself at a family function I have decided that I need to lose some weight. Currently I weight 232.8 lbs and my goal weight by December 30th (which also marks my 31st birthday) is to get to 200 - 210lbs and then ultimately reach a satisfying 170lbs.

    I am looking for people in my area to keep motivated, provide suggestion and advice. This is about to be a hard uphill battle but I believe it will be completely worth it!

    Also I am in the Peel region. Let me know something about your journey and where you are in it. Let's get healthy together!
  • scyn1979
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    Feel free to add me! I am 38 yrs old with two boys, 18 & 11, and two fur babies. I have another 50lbs to go but have already lost a significant amount since 2013 (approx. 95 lbs).

    My end game isn't a number on the scale, it's to get to a point where I can genuinely be happy with myself.
  • usafbeach
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    Same here!
  • shadyj26
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    Feel free to add me
  • saribelm14
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    Hi! Hola!
    Please feel free to add me.
  • CKathy2012
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    I am a christian lady 72 years old, would like to have a few friends for encouragement. Live in Missouri, the Ozarks.
  • Can I have some friends please
  • johnw83
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    yes please
  • PWHF
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    Please add me - I have 0 friends :(