Information on weight loss for women


My wife and I have transitioned our life to eating healthy and getting back in shape. The problem is she is struggling to lose weight even though we are eating healthy, tracking calorie intake, staying in a caloric deficit and doing our nightly walks.

I prep, cook and weigh all our food so I would like to know also if I should be doing something else to help her along the way?

I understand Men's bodies are different than Women so I'm looking for any links or sites that we can read up on that may give better insight to help her along the way.

Any tips/advice?


  • Heather4448
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    Our (M/F) bodies don't burn calories differently. All it takes is to eat less than you burn. Simple, but not easy.
  • MsChewMe
    MsChewMe Posts: 130 Member
    What is her weight now? Her height? Her goal? How long have you two been counting calories? Has she lost any weight at all?
  • tag624
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    Lyle McDonald has a lot of information about female fat loss.
  • nowine4me
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    I love that you are doing this together as a couple!

    Maybe she's sneaking in some doughnuts at the office. Just kidding.

    Have fun and good luck. Just a woman's's not easier, but it seems to go faster for dudes. Tell her to hang in there.
  • jemhh
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    OP, this thread might be a bit helpful. The general mechanics of weight loss are the same for both sexes but women's hormones can affect the process overall.