Exercising cured my depression

Christiansan3148 Posts: 7 Member
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I lost 40lbs in 4 months. Exercising cured my chronic depression that i had for 4 years. Im willing to get my life back on track and i know for a fact i wont stop exercising. The only regret i have is that i didnt start exercising earlier! :)


  • Alpha12
    Alpha12 Posts: 251 Member
    Bravo! Congrats and keep at it!
  • snooky211
    snooky211 Posts: 67 Member
    Well done for getting up each day and sticking at it. X
  • KirbySmith46
    KirbySmith46 Posts: 198 Member
    Awesome job!
  • wscotti
    wscotti Posts: 7 Member
    Incredible! Thank you for sharing!! :)
  • ISweat4This
    ISweat4This Posts: 653 Member
    Way to go! Amazing!
  • canarysal
    canarysal Posts: 118 Member
    Well done, so pleased for you. :)
  • bohopink17
    bohopink17 Posts: 9 Member
    Beautiful! I'm having the same issue with depression right now so I'm excited to start my healthy lifestyle-- Awesome work!
  • macclone
    macclone Posts: 85 Member
    You look great!
  • LillysMomma09
    LillysMomma09 Posts: 272 Member
    Great job!!! I can totally tell a difference if I go a few days without getting exercise, just grumpy and mad at the world. It makes such a big difference!! Glad you found something that works for you <3
  • goalpeace
    goalpeace Posts: 272 Member
    It is the best medicine I have tried for my depression. It works!!
  • snowyne
    snowyne Posts: 268 Member
  • dawn_westbury
    dawn_westbury Posts: 358 Member
  • Sunshine_And_Sand
    Sunshine_And_Sand Posts: 1,320 Member
    Great transformation! Glad the exercise has you feeling better. Keep it up!
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