Treadmill Rec's?

I am looking at purchasing a treadmill but am overwhelmed by the different models and brands... I have come across some that I thought would be good contenders until I read reviews on the websites and they always seem mixed (some people love it and others have had nothing but problems).

Thought I would come on here and ask for input on those of you who run on treadmills? Do any of you have any recommendations?

(the treadmill will be used by me for running and by my husband who will be walking and using the incline).

Thank you :)


  • SwindonJogger
    SwindonJogger Posts: 323 Member
    Budget ?
  • spiriteagle99
    spiriteagle99 Posts: 3,359 Member
    I've had two NordicTraks and liked them both.
  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,491 Member
    How much wanting to spend? I have a Sole F63.
  • jillybeansalad
    jillybeansalad Posts: 239 Member
    RoxieDawn wrote: »
    How much wanting to spend? I have a Sole F63.

    Yup, this is important. They are from like $200 to $10,000.
  • festerw
    festerw Posts: 233 Member
    Look for used, most are still in nearly new shape for cheap.

    If money and space aren't an issue buy a Precor TRM885
  • klyn2016
    klyn2016 Posts: 9 Member
    Thanks everyone!

    Budget... kind of want to stay between 1,000-1,500. I don't need anything high tech other than it will work smoothly, not have any issues (or at least minimal) and prefer more of the wider running deck :)