Post here if you want more friends!



  • Mez79p
    Mez79p Posts: 33 Member
    I only have 1 friend at the moment, feel free to add me
  • seepersaud
    seepersaud Posts: 5,758 Member
    add me
  • times60
    times60 Posts: 204 Member
    Feel free to add me. Looking for people to motivate, share ideas and feelings. Looking forward to new friends. I am not a young person therefore as everyone knows our metabolism really slows down. I am trying to be more active also. Love my glass of wine at night
  • Mikey_boy0918
    Mikey_boy0918 Posts: 139 Member
    Looking for more friends
  • Add me
  • Kalex1975
    Kalex1975 Posts: 427 Member
    I'm shy but am finally coming out of my shell. Add me!
  • Movemoreguy22
    Movemoreguy22 Posts: 377 Member
    I need some more friends plz.
    Trying to gain healthy weight, eating and lifting
  • msemiliejean
    msemiliejean Posts: 24 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me!! I love new friends
  • apick2014
    apick2014 Posts: 9 Member
    Add me, I would be glad to have more encouragement and to return the same as we put in the effort, stay consistent and keep good health a priority! ♥
  • Rottingtone
    Rottingtone Posts: 26 Member
    Feel free to add me.
  • RandJ6280
    RandJ6280 Posts: 1,166 Member
    Posting here... feel free to add me, one and all.
  • Bonniep1967
    Bonniep1967 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I'm Bonnie, new here and wouldn't mind some more friends for support and motivation.
  • jenlyn2417
    jenlyn2417 Posts: 22 Member
    feel free to add me could use some friends
  • Katzblue
    Katzblue Posts: 4 Member
    I live in Hatton Vale west of Brisbane Australia. Have a couple friends we dont contact each other. Truly not sure how?????
  • johnw83
    johnw83 Posts: 6,219 Member
    yes please feel free to add me
  • andreab861
    andreab861 Posts: 21 Member
    Feel free to add me - back to daily tracking for the last 3 weeks, 9 pounds down so far! Let's keep the motivation going!
  • arson714
    arson714 Posts: 117 Member
    Hi! I like friends!
  • latentspring
    latentspring Posts: 27 Member

    I'm Kade. I'm 26, I like drinking too much coffee and not enough water, and I think I'm hilarious.

    I'm a pretty active friend and I will like every post you make that I see, it's a promise. I have 139.4 pounds to lose, and I'm 9.6 down now. let's hit it.
  • lotty1987
    lotty1987 Posts: 176 Member
    Hiya x 5 stone to lose and determined !
  • kayla25mfp
    kayla25mfp Posts: 17 Member
    Anyone can add me. I'd really like some friends that are similar though. I'm 5'6.5" and 148 pounds. Looking to slim down to about 142 and then temporarily switch to maintenance and really focus on fitness. Maybe eventually go lower or maybe stay at about 140.
    Right now I'm set to lose 1/2 pound weekly. I'm working on slowly inproving the nutrition in my diet and increasing fitness levels. I can jog a couple miles but I'm not very strong yet. Just starting to lift. So anyone else that is in a similar place.... or doing slightly better than me... please add me!