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Question of the Day



  • lynn_glenmont
    lynn_glenmont Posts: 10,036 Member
    Deep-fried breaded seafood (something homemade or from a good restaurant pan-fried with a light breading/crust, like panko or cornmeal, is fine).

    Sugar in coffee (yes, a friend's mom served me coffee with sugar in it the morning after a sleepover, because my friend like it that way. It was so foul, for years I thought I just didn't like coffee.)

    Fat on my meat, other than really hot ham or pork fat that's on the verge of liquefying.

    Sausage or ground beef that has bits of gristle or bone chips in it.

    Summer squash cooked to death in liquid. It's fine sauteed or grilled, and I don't mind if it's steamed so long as it's not overcooked. I'll eat it raw from a crudite tray, but it doesn't taste like much without a good dip.

    I think that's it.
  • bebeisfit
    bebeisfit Posts: 951 Member
  • alyrie
    alyrie Posts: 22 Member
  • AidenT94
    AidenT94 Posts: 39 Member
    Lima beans. I'll eat most things, but I won't touch lima beans. Also, any pickles that aren't dill. That also includes things like pickled eggs (my grandpa eats weird stuff)
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 33,010 Member
    Beef tongue.

    When I child, because I didn't like the texture and the way it looked in the kettle (open the lid, there it is sticking its tongue out at you, but it's kind of gray-colored . . . ick).

    As an adult, because I'm vegetarian and that gets me out of trying out a lot of scary things, probably some of which I'd actually like.
  • mgood924
    mgood924 Posts: 7 Member
    Celery = Hellery :s Even putting peanut butter on it never helped. I'll just lick off the pb and I'm left with this green stick of yuck lol
  • lulalacroix
    lulalacroix Posts: 1,082 Member
    Liver, lima beans, and radiches. Still don't like them.
  • Tazzie0208
    Tazzie0208 Posts: 66 Member
    Lima beans and wheat! I still hate them.
  • Bluetail6
    Bluetail6 Posts: 2,930 Member
    mij140 wrote: »
    Cow tongue. I'll never forget when my mom tried to tell us it was hamburger (served on a bun. Wtf?). My sister is super picky and took the bun off. She started screaming when she saw the tastebuds. lollll.

    ROFL :D:D:D
  • Gaia85
    Gaia85 Posts: 190 Member
    Lentils and beans!
  • fitoverfortymom
    fitoverfortymom Posts: 3,452 Member
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 7,464 Member
  • CyclingRoadie6
    CyclingRoadie6 Posts: 59 Member
    For me it's squash, turnip, brussel sprouts, and peas. With that said, if everything were wrapped in bacon, I may change my views. ;)
  • BusyRaeNOTBusty
    BusyRaeNOTBusty Posts: 7,166 Member
    Cottage cheese
  • ccruz985
    ccruz985 Posts: 646 Member
  • twinkles4
    twinkles4 Posts: 124 Member
    All seafood :mask:
  • ktekc
    ktekc Posts: 879 Member
    Lima Beans and raw onions. Luckily my parents both dislike lima beans so we never had it at home. School succotash probably ruined them for me to be honest.