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2017~~52 Pounds in 52 Weeks Challenge



  • catvlmack
    catvlmack Posts: 415 Member
    Starting weight: 197 (206)
    Goal weight: 145
    Current weight: 169.25
    Total weight lost: 27.25 (36.75)
    This weeks successes: stuck to everything, avoided quite a few binges
    This weeks challenges: trying to get more exercise on but not over compensating with junk
  • junodog1
    junodog1 Posts: 4,801 Member

    Week 38

    Starting weight: 226.4
    Goal weight: 175
    Last week weight: 196.0
    This week weight: 191.6
    This week loss: 4.4
    Total weight lost: 34.8

    This weeks successes:
    Well, obviously weight wise it has been a sucessfull week. The reason for the big drop was loss of fluid retention mostly. I had been eating more carbs than usual, I had been working outdoors a lot and I had not been drinking as much water as I should have. This week I have eaten up to my calories all week, exercised and watched what I ate and drank better: more water, vegetables, and fruit; less chocolate and other carb loaded food.

    I wanted to be at 38 or more pounds lost this week. I am tempted to go low for a few weeks and get back to my weight loss equaling the number of weeks. However I am afraid I will not be sucessfull if I try that and that the process will have negative consqeuences. I have been eating my exercise calories. This week I did not. I may just cut into those calories for a bit as long as I am not overtired. Eat back some but not as much.

    It all focuses around control. I have to keep wresting control back from events - like broken horses during solar eclipse weekends, hurricanes, and work drama. It is worth the fight every time because I have lost 35 pounds this year. I am on my way to losing 52 pounds in a year. I feel so much better and I do so much more.

    “It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.”
    ~ Mark Twain

    This weeks challenges:
    I have a road trip. There is a wedding Saturday in SC. Driving days are Friday and Sunday.

    Goals for the week
    • Stay in green on calories
    • Drink 64+ oz of water
    • 10K steps a day
    • Pack Wednesday
    • Enjoy self at wedding and after party - but track all food
    • Clean house Thursday
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    12774 wrote: »
    Gained 0.8 lbs. Now 190lbs. Not Happy about this.
    Plan 1)Resume my gym activities to 5 days/ week.
    2) No chips
    3) Drink 8 glasses of water daily. ( Fell back on this as its getting cooler)

    Last week 190.0lbs
    This week 188.2lbs
    Loss this week 1.8
    Overall loss for the year 50.9 lbs
    Back on track.
  • Fit_Prit
    Fit_Prit Posts: 243 Member
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Fit_Prit wrote: »
    Hi all.. Count me in !
    Starting weight: 104 kg = 228lbs.
    Goal weight: 65 kg = 145lbs.
    Current weight: 102 kg = 225lbs.
    Total weight lost: 1kg. (Since December 2016)
    This week's successes: :neutral: none
    This week's challenges: 1- Not to Over eat. 2- lose 2lbs. 3- Exercise Daily.

    Let's Do This !! :smiley:

    Starting Over
    I fall off the wagon... But it's time I join the party.. Again !

    Current Wt: 95 kg = 210lbs.

    This week's Wt. 206.2lbs. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

    Week 3 Wt. = 204.4 lbs. (92.7 kg) :blush:

    Week 4 Wt. = 202.8 lbs. (92 kg) :smile:

    Week 5 Wt. = 202.8 lbs (92kg)
    Did not lose any... also did not gain any Wt. So I'm happy.

    Week 6 Wt. = 198.5 lbs (90kg)
    Finally Reached to ONEderland ! :heart: :blush::blush:

    Week 7 Wt. = 198.4 lbs.

    I was sick past week. Fever & cold.. :disappointed:
    I'm all fine today. Hope this week will go as planned .

    Week 8 Wt. = 196.4 lbs (89.1kg)

    Week 9 Wt. = 194.1 lbs. (88kg) :blush:

    Week 10 Wt= 195 lbs. (88.5 kg)

    I'm not happy at all :persevere:
    I did it to my self. I didn't Exercised, No diet, No Walking, No Swimming.... :expressionless:
    This week and week before were very bad.
    I got Cocky for losing 20+ lbs. And I took things for granted. & Now I've got tight slapped by reality. It sure showed me my place. & I'm Happy this happened sooner than later. Because Now I will never Behave as I've behaved in this past 2-4 weeks.
    I pledge I will be true to my Cause & I will work harder to Achieve all my Goals & I will never take things for Granted.
  • gdneff
    gdneff Posts: 333 Member
    Starting weight: 273.8
    Challenge Goal Weight: 221.8
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150
    Current weight: 260
    Total Weight Loss: - 13.8
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    @JetWan, you are doing extremely well. Keep up the good work! You are my motivator. I have never given this compliment to anyone since I have been on MFP since 8/12. Just 13lbs from my goal. I hope to be on maintenance by Dec13, which is my birthday.
  • garlo12
    garlo12 Posts: 170 Member
    edited September 2017
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    garlo12 wrote: »
    I want to join. Starting Day of Weight loss Journey This Time-02-14-2017.
    SW: 248.6--02-14-2017
    CW: 232.0--07-18-2017--Had lost 20 lbs at one point then got side tracked.
    GW: 196.6--02-13-2018

    I should be able to lose a pound a week but it's soooo hard.

    07-25-2017-234 gained 2 lbs.-going to be more diligent next week.
    08-01-2017-232.8 yea lost 1.2 lbs. :) , but 0.8 lbs. over the day I started this Challenge.
    08-08-2017-234.0 No wonder I forgot to login last Tuesday :(
    08-15-2017-233.2-Better but not good :|
    08-22-2017-235.8-I'm not doing good at all :'( I'm starting over as of today.
    08-29-2017-232.4- So much better :)<3
    09-05-2017-232.8- not good
    09-12-2017-232.0- Better :)
    09-19-2017-230.8- :D
    09-26-2017-231.0- :/
    02-13-2018-52 weeks-
    I hope I continue to do better, this is so hard for me, because I can Never keep Losing no matter how good I am I will always gain then lose then gain again it's a vicious cycle, but I'm determined to keep on going; I have to.
    Had surgery yesterday, hope to do better :/
    Lost 0.8 lbs. this week :)
    Getting better lost 1.2lbs. :D
    Nothing to say, Yesterday was my first day back to work after surgery YIPPEE!!

  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    Hope that you are feeling better after your surgery. Your friend request has been accepted
  • garlo12
    garlo12 Posts: 170 Member
    12774 wrote: »
    Hope that you are feeling better after your surgery. Your friend request has been accepted

    Thank you, I'm feeling pretty good. :)
  • cheryls1mx3
    cheryls1mx3 Posts: 70 Member
    So im going to start this again as i have lost 46.6lbs so far and want to get to my goal of 155lbs. Add me if you like good to have motivation from others

    WEEK 1
    Starting weight: 215.5lbs
    Goal weight: 155lbs
    Current weight: 172.7lbs
    Total weight lost: 42.8lbs
    This week's successes: bought my suvar free high protein peanut butter for snacks and switched over the egg whites and turkey mince instead of red meats
    This week's challenges: i have a weekend without my son staying good while my friends intise me with treats will be hard

    WEEK 2
    Starting weight: 215.5lbs
    Goal weight: 155lbs
    Current weight: 170.1lbs
    Total weight lost: 45.4lbs
    This week's successes: lost 2.6lbs so im happy and hoping thats me on track again. Have swapped out red meat for turkey mince etc successfully
    This week's challenges: i have to wait for my food shopping to be delivered tomorrow so will need to buy my snacks at college tomorrow when out so will need to make sure i stick to what im aloud and not snack. Also afternoons i crave rubbish so going to have my main afternoon meal a little later

    WEEK 3
    Starting weight: 215.5lbs
    Goal weight: 155lbs
    Current weight: 167lbs
    Total weight lost: 48.5lbs
    This week's successes: lost 3.1lbs im so happy first time in ages loosing 2 weeks in a row because of plateu but going for a hat trick next week
    This week's challenges: drinking more water and making sure i am tracking and completeing all my food diary everyday

    WEEK 4
    Starting weight: 215.5lbs
    Goal weight: 155lbs
    Current weight: 167.5lbs
    Total weight lost: 48lbs
    This week's successes: gained 0.5lbs this week but this week i have been walking a lot thatll be why i didnt gain as much
    This week's challenges: i was on co codomol so needing to come off them think thats why i gained. Track all food and drink 2 litres water per day

    WEEK 5
    Starting weight: 215.5lbs
    Goal weight: 155lbs
    Current weight: 164.8lbs
    Total weight lost: 50.7lbs
    This week's successes: Lossed 2.7lbs this week so happy got my 2lbs target as well as last week gained 0.5 so got that off as well so back on target. By week 5 i should be at a 8lbs loss on 2lbs a week target and totaled so far 8.4lbs so im over target even with 0.5 gain one week so im so happy
    This week's challenges: still need to make sure im tracking im not doing that as much now as well as get my 2ltrs of water per day
  • 12774
    12774 Posts: 1,424 Member
    @cheryls1mx3 , WTG!
  • 2011juju
    2011juju Posts: 72 Member
    Week 39

    Current weight.. 187.1

    Total weight lost: 19

    This week weight lose 0
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 525 Member
    Start: 1/1/2017

    Start weight: 161
    Goal weight: 120
    Current weight: 131.6
    This week's weight change: +1.6
    Total weight loss: 29.4

    It was hard to post today with a 1.6 pound gain. Those peanut butter cups caught up with me....it's mine and now I own it.

    Lately we have been doing things we always wanted to try and this week it was airboats. What a great time. Also got in more paddle board time. Next week we are going to try the zip line and ropes course. Life is too short to be afraid of new adventures.

  • catvlmack
    catvlmack Posts: 415 Member
    Starting weight: 197 (206)
    Goal weight: 145
    Current weight: 168.25
    Total weight lost: 28.25 (37.75)
    This weeks successes: stuck to everything, avoided quite a few binges
    This weeks challenges: today I shall eat what I want because it's my wedding anniversary and life's too short!
  • mariejoymiller
    mariejoymiller Posts: 20 Member
    Not doing so well. I'm going in the opposite direction. Today is another new day and an opportunity to make better choices. All your stories are very modivational
  • salleewins
    salleewins Posts: 2,159 Member
    week of:

    10/01/17: 171.2
    12/03/17: weigh in week at the Dr.'s office

    This week's success: I drank more water this week.
    This week's challenge: to be consistent with my plan even if stressed.
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 525 Member
    laureljenn wrote: »
    1/3/17: 201.6
    2/1/17: 194.6 (shoulder surgery 2/6)
    3/1/17: 191.4
    4/1/17: 178.8
    5/1/17: 168.8
    6/1/17: 159.8
    7/1/17: 162.8
    8/1/17: 161.6
    9/1/17: 159.6
    10/1/17: 152.6 (entered normal BMI)
    Starting weight: 201.6
    Goal weight: 149.6 (52 lbs in 52 weeks)
    Ultimate Goal: 138-143 maintenance range
    Current weight: 152.6
    Total weight lost: 49

    You are doing great! Love seeing your consistent progress.