Is it time for a break from weight loss?

Question - I have been on a weight loss journey since January 2017 and have thus far lost 58 lbs. I am 5'4", starting weight of 233 lbs, current weight 175. In the last two months, my very consistent weight loss has slowed. My motivation is starting to drift. My question is, should I shift my focus from weight loss to weight maintenance and give myself a break? I don't wish to quit, but I am afraid the much slower weight loss will become discouraging. If I do shift to maintenance, is there any recommendation on how long to give myself before returning to weight loss mode? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    Have you tried to readjust your macros? Smaller people use less calories usually.
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    In my experience, I’d continue measuring and logging. For me, when I wasn’t doing that, I would conveniently ‘forget’ what I’d eaten and consequently overeat. And gain again.

    You’ve done so well that it would be a shame to redevelop bad habits.

    Maybe maintenance for a while?

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
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    Yep, I'd recommend a full diet break. Have a read of this for the how to :)

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    At what point would you all recommend a break from dieting
  • jemhh
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    At what point would you all recommend a break from dieting

    Read the article above. I'd suggest a break every 6-12 weeks, depending on how lean you are.
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    I'm your twin in weight loss, started in january this year, same height, starting weight
    235 pounds down approx 60 pounds, I'm just finished a six week break, pretty much maintained in that time. Kept tracking mostly, kept exercising except when I was sick. You can do this, just remember that you can have a bit extra but you still need to maintain most of the things you've already been doing.
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    At what point would you all recommend a break from dieting

    Agree with Jemhh, 6-12 weeks. In a podcast interview with Lyle McDonald that I listened to the other day, he said that women probably need to have a shorter timeframe than men, and more frequently the leaner you are. I'm on one at the moment, finishing tomorrow, after six weeks at a deficit to get my winter insulation off (I live in the southern hemisphere). When I go back to deficit I'll be doing 350 weekdays and weekends at maintenance (so equivalent of 250 per day), which will hopefully keep hormones in check for the remaining 3-4 lb that I need to lose.
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    Yes, you may gain a little initially in a diet break. Don't panic. It's glycogen replenishment and extra food in your digestive system and will level off. Some people even find they lose a bit of weight during their diet break (link talks about this a little). I possibly have, but it's currently being masked by hormonal water weight, so I won't know for sure until early next week.
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    Have you recalculated your calories lately? As much weight as you've lost, your BMR has dropped significantly and you probably require 200-300 calories less than you did when you started. Use the BMR calculator on MFP with your starting and your ending weights. Times that by your activity level and find the difference. If you are already at a low level like 1200 calories, the level won't drop but how many pounds you can lose per week will. If you decide to take a break and go into maintenance mode, be sure to continue logging and weighing. When I took a break, I quit logging and put 30 lbs back on.