What is the most supportive thing someone has done for you on your journey?



  • TorStar80
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    I’m along the same lines. Just not having my food questioned or criticized, or the worst .. guilted. I know eating can be social and many family members feel it’s personal when you want to do your own thing. I appreciate when someone just lets me do what I’m doing without commenting or guilting me.
  • ipmac22
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    That was wonderful of him!! I'm glad you shared your story. When I saw the title of your thread I actually started thinking of what I would write. I think acceptance goes a long way. For me, acceptance and love from my boyfriend, friends, and family of me before starting my health/weight loss journey meant a lot and helped my gain a confident, more empowered attitude.
    When I gained weight it presented itself in some unflattering ways (my stomach is my most difficult area). I told my boyfriend I was disappointed that I couldn't find my one piece swimsuit for a vacation and he said to just pack my two piece. He didn't even give it a second thought.

    There's nothing wrong with encouraging someone on their health journey, but you can tell when someone genuinely accepts you just as you are- extra weight and all.

    The first time I mentioned feeling overweight to my boyfriend (probably about 3 years ago at this point) he said "you look the same to me". And then picked me up so that he could argue that because he could still pick me up I wasn't heavy at all.
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    My husband is extremely supportive of my efforts... as many have mentioned in this thread, he is not tracking his food intake himself. I am in week 13 of a 16-week phase in which I am counting my macros and trying to be very precise and diligent about this. He gives me time to prep food by picking up other responsibilities, doesn't touch my pre-weighed/prepped/cooked/etc foods, and he has willingly accepted that we won't be going to many restaurants for several months. He is just all around supportive and encouraging and I love him for it!
  • himenaya
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    Hubby buys me meal plan trays to support my meal planning. :blush:
  • Calliope610
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    The most supportive thing my husband does is not complain About the amount of money I spend on gym membership dues, new shoes every 200-300 miles,
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Honestly it was my husband asking why I was weighing and logging all my food when I clearly did not like doing it.
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    My DH packs my lunch and includes a note with all of the weights listed <3
  • hlh326
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    I've had two really nice things done for me. After telling my sister what I'm doing, she ordered me a food scale. Then, at work one night, I found a letter on my desk from a coworker. It said that my weight loss and eating habits are inspiring and she put a $50 gift card for the grocery store in the envelope. I was amazed and so thankful. I just couldn't believe that *I* could possibly ever inspire anyone else with weight loss. I still have a looooongggg way to go, but it's such a great motivator knowing that others are inspired by me. I can't get over that!
  • thegeans
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    My mom always likes to send me home with food when I leave her house. This last time she really went the extra mile because as she said "you're doing so great!"

  • Bonny132
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    OH is taking a keen interest in my success and have started 5/2 himself. I track, but nice to see him making an effort too.