Anyone on here that actually does NOT have a Facebook account?

neely47 Posts: 30 Member
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I deleted mine 7 months ago and don't regret it one bit. My mind feels so much clearer and free from all the negativity, inaneness, shallowness, and drama (politics, selfies, gossip, farmville invites, pokes, etc). Besides, I don't want my co-workers and employer spying on me on there.



  • tiffaninghs
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    deleted mine exactly two years ago.. now i actually have to reach out to ppl in real life.. lol
  • crackpotbaby
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    Not since 2012
  • DAGridesagain
    DAGridesagain Posts: 132 Member
    Got an account but only for work purposes. Never post to it!
  • angel4732
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    I'm on there but thinking about deactivating my account too. It's all adverts and links to things I don't want to see now. Don't get to actually see much of what my friends are getting up to since facebook have altered the newsfeed
  • nexangelus
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    No facebook but I do frequent another community like this for my other hobby.
  • ManBehindTheMask
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    Havent had facebook for 3+ years
  • skymningen
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    I do have facebook. I just do not use it. And then I forget about it totally. Ah, well. I could probably deactivate it, but keep it in case someone from long ago tries to find me for some reason.
  • Mithridites
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    Never had one and don’t plan to. Too much drama.
  • HealthyAshes88888
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    Haven't had one in a long time
  • bmeadows380
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    wsusan162 wrote: »
    Never had a Facebook account, also no Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter, Viber, VK, WeChat, Weibo,or WhatsApp. Don't see the point. If I want to know what my friends are up to, I call.
    Never had one and don’t plan to. Too much drama.

    Me neither. I have never gotten into social media other than a few chat boards like this one, but even then I only post rarely on those.

    I have no desire for a facebook account. My sister-in-law can't stand it, though - she has threatened to open one on my behalf, so if there is an account out there in my name, it wasn't me that opened it! Other folks have asked me why I don't have one, either. The SIL whined about it, saying 'how am I supposed to keep in touch with you?" to which I replied "you have my phone number and I do reply to email." lol
  • Dazzler21
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    Negativity gets unfollowed/unfriended.

    Positivity is supported and gets liked.

    It's about how you use the tool.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    facebook messaging my wife is easier and more effective than email or phone messaging We don't have smart phones attached to our hands. FB also gives me quick links to, which is where I'd rather waste my time.
  • Bornabronco
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    I have never had a Facebook account, or any other social media (other than MFP). I just do not believe in posting every mundane second of your life. I see people who are so glued to their devices and cannot go even one hour without checking the Facebook (and other media) to see what everyone is up to.

    I feel sorry for those who are slaves to it, and believe everything they read/see, etc.

    For the same reason, I never watch "reality" TV.
  • MinuitMinuet
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    Negativity? Shallowness? Drama? You keep bad company. All my friends are cool. Only drama going on is when one gets broken up with. Then I simply unfollow that person until they are over their issues and with someone else.
  • StarvingDiva
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    I haven't completely deleted it but I haven't been on for a few weeks, I remember when facebook was fun now I feel like every day I'm being lectured by people on how to feel about a certain thing going on in society, everyone wants to be "right" everyone debating opinions and turning it into namecalling, I've never seen so much s&*T in my life. I'm still on Instagram, I don't see half of the SJW over there.