Advice for quick loss?



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    honestly best you could do was try to minimize foods that make you bloat. Which are different for everyone and would likely make you look pregnant if your like most of us and plan to enjoy the delicious food on vacation.

    Dont sweat it.

    Yeah, this is the concern. You could drop some quick water weight to fit into a dress or something, but once you eat with abandon (or, you know, carbs) again, you will regain it, so it doesn't really work as a solution before a vacation.

    If you are in a deficit, stick to it, maybe be super strict and increase the deficit a bit (nothing unreasonable, but I'm assuming you don't have much to lose so it's a not that aggressive deficit). You might feel a bit better even if no one else could really notice.
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    Depending on how many weeks a few weeks is, I'd go for doing some exercise. It'll help you have more energy to enjoy your holiday :) and you might look a little bit "better" (very subjective word!).
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    Yeah, people always comment how great I look when I am exercising regularly. I think it puts pink in my cheeks and a sparkle in my eye.
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    Just stay away from the macadamia cream pie and you'll be fine.

    Wait - is that a thing? :) My kryptonite is white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies. There is one in a ziploc in my desk as a reward for the next milestone.
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    You could remove a body part.
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    If you want to look your best in just a few weeks, I'd concentrate on skin health and hydration. Moisturize, gently massage skin, try to drink enough, stay hydrated, balance your electrolytes in your diet: potassium, sodium, etc. Make sure you're hitting your micronutrient needs such as your vitamins and iron in your diet. Consume a good amount of quality fiber from fruits, vegetables, and try not to eat trash.

    The last thing you want is to show up in Maui feeling unwell. We all tend to look how we feel. Plus you'll want to actually enjoy your time in Maui ;)
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    You could remove a body part.

    And now I'm having flashbacks to Boxing Helena and its acrotomophilia undercurrent. :worried:
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    The only quick loss before vacation would be water weight if you went low carb...actual fat loss is can only oxidize so much fat in a given period of time.

    ETA: Also note that if you low carb before vacation to drop water weight, that water weight is going to go right back on as soon as you crack open a vacation beer...

    "Carbs are bread and pasta, stuff that's made from grains," my coworker informed me while putting two spoonfuls of sugar in her coffee and telling me how her low carb diet is working.

    lol that's hilarious
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    When you wake up drink a litre of water and 1 litre before bed, I lost so much doing this

    lol - you think you lost "so much" weight because you drank 2 liters of water a day?
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    Enjoy your vacation. If it is 3 weeks out, continue doing what you have been and you could be a couple of pounds lighter. The good news is other than your traveling companions, who knows you anyway so who cares? Know that you are still working on your weight loss, be thankful for the progress you have made and enjoy!
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    flippy1234 wrote: »
    Hi all,
    I am going to Maui in a few weeks. I would like to look a bit better in my bikini. Any advice for quick loss before vacation? I fully know that losing weight takes time and you need to be in a calorie deficit which I am already in. I was just wondering if there were any ideas you may have for quick loss before vacation?

    Quickie divorce.

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    Get a tan. It makes a pretty big visual difference.

    Get a FAKE tan (safer) and some flattering bathers or other holiday wear.
    Then enjoy your trip and plan earlier next time.
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    rybo wrote: »
    I want to do something I know is ill advised so I can gain a near imperceptible change, because i am panicking before vacation...does anyone have any recommendations?

    You don't need to be snotty.
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    I would say you can cut down on the carbs to lose some water weight (it won't be fat or anything), but thing is, as soon as you get on a plane and start eating carbs again when you arrive, boof...back it comes. I guess you can try though. Honestly...I would make sure you have some nice fitting clothes, exfoliate and moisturize, maybe use some fake tanner and shimmer to look more sun kissed, get a mani-pedi and enjoy your vacation.

    I wouldn't recommend any fast crash diets though (even ones designed by experts.. those are for very elite few athletes, competitors who know what they are doing).. just continue your deficit at a normal rate.

    Thank you. You are very nice.