From 229lbs to 132lbs in 287 Days

Bughunt Posts: 16 Member
The first 3 months was a struggle. After that it was discipline.

Now i'm here 132lbs, feeling amazing about what i accomplished and never felt so great in my life.
23yrs of obesity and struggle to find a way out of it.

Now i'm in the gym since 4 Months for 6 days / week and started to redo myself.

Now it's a new life and a new chapter.

If u are losing weight right now, just keep going, do it for yourself, not for others.
The motivation and confidence after the journey is the best feeling i've ever felt.

Keep it up!



  • aliciaaw
    aliciaaw Posts: 180 Member
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 7,468 Member
    Looking good!
  • darste
    darste Posts: 1 Member
    WOW! Keep up the great work
  • gmz3296
    gmz3296 Posts: 18 Member
  • sbrown6
    sbrown6 Posts: 334 Member
  • Bughunt
    Bughunt Posts: 16 Member
    sbrown6 wrote: »

    Thank you! :smile:
  • LiftHeavyThings27105
    LiftHeavyThings27105 Posts: 2,086 Member
    Yeah, man! Killing it!
  • bhoops75
    bhoops75 Posts: 60 Member
    Awesome!!!!! You rock
  • Bughunt
    Bughunt Posts: 16 Member
    Yeah, man! Killing it!

    Hoaah! :smile:
  • Mithridites
    Mithridites Posts: 595 Member
    Impressive commitment! Go, you!
  • jonnie256
    jonnie256 Posts: 169 Member
    Great job! How tall are you btw?
  • Bughunt
    Bughunt Posts: 16 Member
    jonnie256 wrote: »
    Great job! How tall are you btw?

    I'm 5,6 small :D ._.

    And thank you!
  • Bkind2meAli
    Bkind2meAli Posts: 38 Member
    Awesome! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment!
  • crazycookie97
    crazycookie97 Posts: 4 Member
    Wow ! Looking great !
  • pogiguy05
    pogiguy05 Posts: 1,583 Member
    Great job and inspiration.

    I am 51yo 5'10" and currently 215lbs. I started back to the gym about 2 months ago and my goal is to go everyday. I am slowly learning new things about lifting and I love challenging myself. My weight goal I would be happy with is 180lbs and if I can get to 170lbs I will even blow myself away. I have not weighed 170 since I was a teenager.

    As you stated i am doing this for me and no one else. I even jokingly called a 45lb plate at the gym my Mistress today. The bonus for going to the gym everyday and ladies please forgive me, but YOGA pants. Eye candy and I try not to stare, but hey you wore it not me. ;-)
  • tiffaninghs
    tiffaninghs Posts: 200 Member
    ooh goodness!! loving that transformation
  • Nikitazilla
    Nikitazilla Posts: 69 Member
    Holy smokes! You look so amazing! Very inspiring.
  • Bughunt
    Bughunt Posts: 16 Member
    Holy smokes! You look so amazing! Very inspiring.

    Thank you! Hope this will help some people to stay on track.
  • Robertus
    Robertus Posts: 558 Member
    Great job! Can you give us more detail on your eating and workout regimens? How much and what types of aerobic exercise? How much lifting? How much did your loss per week slow down toward the end? I'm sure others would find that interesting and helpful.
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