Still not seeing much but my wife told me to post progress pics






  • kimothy38
    kimothy38 Posts: 840 Member
    Awesome job. I think its great your wife is supportive & is encouraging you to celebrate and share your success so, keep it up!
  • crackpotbaby
    crackpotbaby Posts: 1,297 Member
    I love that you’re not hiding behind anyone in the last pic. Awesome work, mate. I hope you feel proud of yourself soon. Your wife is clearly proud of you.

  • dsboohead
    dsboohead Posts: 1,900 Member
    Yes a difference!!! You have a disappearance of that that puffy look. Keep the good works going cause its happening for you!
  • beachgal0626
    beachgal0626 Posts: 1,887 Member
    Wow, it's obvious to us that it's a major difference! Keep up the great work, and be proud of your accomplishments thus far!
  • keodell1966
    keodell1966 Posts: 141 Member
    Great job! You’ve done great.
  • 93pear93
    93pear93 Posts: 48 Member
    keep going!
    well done so far :)
  • Carnhot
    Carnhot Posts: 367 Member
    It is clear in your face. Well done. Stick with it.
  • SarahR2412
    SarahR2412 Posts: 86 Member
    Amazing difference!! Keep up the good work!!
  • thereshegoesagain
    thereshegoesagain Posts: 1,056 Member
    Well done!
  • slimgirljo15
    slimgirljo15 Posts: 269,577 Member
    :+1: awesome job and very noticeable loss
  • rdgfit
    rdgfit Posts: 98 Member
    Awesome loss - thanks for sharing!
  • That is Fantastic!!
  • spiffychick85
    spiffychick85 Posts: 311 Member
    Great job! You can definitely see a difference...your wife was right :)