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When food woo goes too far



  • pogiguy05
    pogiguy05 Posts: 1,583 Member
    Figure out how much he destroyed of yours and either ask him for that money, OR find an equal amount of his things/food and do what you have to do to BREAK even. I am sure there is something he cherishes find it and reach out and touch someone. ;-)
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
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    What are YOUR diet beliefs, and why are they more valid than his/his chiropractor's?

    Facts, I believe in facts. This chiropractor believes in woo.

    Where did you learn the facts that you believe in? How do you KNOW your facts aren't woo?

    Does her brother have the right to impose his believes on her by throwing out her food? Does someone not believing in naturopathy bother you?

    I have no issue with someone not believing in ND's.
    No one should believe in it, as it's all pseudoscience.
    I acknowledge the resistance towards the field, I acknowledge that some ND's have done things that hurt the program more than help it
    The only way to help the field of Naturopathy would be for Naturopaths to abandon all their treatment modalities that are based on pseudoscience, prescientific notions of how the human body works and those that have been shown to not work. The only problem with that is that the quacks would have no way of ripping off their victims with fake diagnoses and useless supplements as their would be nothing left to offer.
    That said, I reached a point in undergrad where I also acknowledged that nobody (or very few) is getting better from the standard western medicine and would rather focus my attention elsewhere.
    What the hell are you talking about? 50 yrs ago a child getting diagnosed with leukemia was a death sentence, today 90% chance of a normal healthy life. 40 years ago you went into the ER with chest pain you ended up with open heart surgery, today you walk out the next day with a stent. Would you like me to go on? Yeah, nobody or very few people are getting better with "standard western medicine." Genius.

    Wow, I missed that bit. No one is getting better with standard western medicine?

  • nani7722
    nani7722 Posts: 25 Member

    You should make him pay for what he has thrown away and ask him to buy whatever he wants to eat from his pocket. I would immediately stop buying food for him, as he is not respecting what you are doing for him
  • Lean59man
    Lean59man Posts: 714 Member
    Chiropractic is non-science quackery.