Help. (parody)

I looked everywhere but couldn't find a mouthful under measurement types. How can I log sunflower seeds!


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    The amount of times youve made my day @PAV8888 :D nearly as common as you making my brain implode lol
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    mph323 wrote: »
    You realize if those seeds came in a package you'll have to detox, right?

    Damn right, detox is the only way to protect yourself from the harmful DNA's. I say we protest for the ban of sunflower seeds.
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    JaydedMiss wrote: »
    Just soak them in ACV and then you dont need to worry about it, The calories soak out

    I had read somewhere that soaking anything in ACV turns it into a zero calorie food. But only if you eat it before 4PM.

    This is a fair statement. Anything I soak in ACV would be a zero calorie food... the nasty taste would cause me to spit it out, which would prevent me from consuming any of the calories in whatever food was soaked in the ACV
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    I'm sorry but none of these things work unless you do them while riding a unicorn

    Does it need to be a unicorn with wings, or will a regular unicorn work? For that matter, maybe a Pegasus would do in a pinch?
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    But they're high in healthy fat and you need fat to burn fat right? It's a win win!