Anyone taking a break from watching calories this Christmas??



  • honeybuns08
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    I have stopped worrying so much about how many calories I'm taking in right now just for these last weeks of Dec. I'm still tracking my food though. I will refocus after Christmas (just MY personal choice). I'm hoping that next year at Christmas I will do better and try harder.
  • eIIekay
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    I've taken so much time off from logging in the last 4 months, that now I feel like I better get on track more than ever. I'll be logging over Christmas, but I won't beat myself up if I go over. I just don't want to gain any more!
  • nickbullett
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    No I will lose weight over the holidays and probably pick a fight with someone who will tell me I need to lighten up and have some dessert. I'm perfectly comfortable with that.
  • rosey35
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    I didn’t last year and put on 7lbs this year I will be watching calories like a hawk. Went to relatives one dress size and left another never again.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    I always am calorie aware, an ingrained habit now since I happened upon MFP in 2012. I'll eat plenty of them over Christmas of course :smiley: but not enough to cause any true weight gain.
  • The 25th and the 31st, other than that I'm logging through the holidays.
  • MarylandRose
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    This is basically my plan for Christmas day. I don't have a big sweet tooth, but I'll have no trouble making up for it with everything else available to nosh on.
    My fiance and I will start the day at home - he'll want to do a big fancy breakfast because Holiday!- and then go to my family for lunch. Our traditional lunch is a fabulous smorgasbord of everyone's favorite treats. The menu this year will include (but is not limited to): sushi, pupusas, pigs in a blanket, hard boiled eggs, caviar, smoked salmon, cheese logs (specifically, one is goat cheese with cranberries), and gefilte fish. This will be the only time this year that I eat pigs in a blanket or that heavenly cheese log, so I plan to enjoy it! And my sister sent around a Christmimosas recipe that looks divine, plus I know there will be desserts. Bring. It. On.
    We will then join his family for dinner. They are excellent hosts, believe in providing snacks while they finish cooking, and have great taste in wine (most often South American reds). Last year his mom made us each a hand-decorated beef wellington...I would not be mad if that reappeared on the table this year!
    It's a day of excess, and the gym is closed, and I wouldn't have time to go even if it was open. I will log it all, laugh, smile fondly at the record of such a delicious day with the folks I love...and then Tuesday I go back to work (#thankscorporate) and the gym reopens and life goes back to normal.
  • Gamliela
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    Diet breaking here. Doing maintenance and if I go over some days, its ok.
  • delgrand
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    Sure I'll take a break . I have been waiting for this week since I started my weight loss lol
  • thegeans
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    I'm packing up my scale and my cottage cheese and taking it to my parents' house. I know that sounds crazy/humbug, but they eat like every day is Christmas and it helps keep me sane.
  • Rocknut53
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    Nony_Mouse wrote: »
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    I find that I can enjoy the holidays and the time with loved ones without gorging myself.

    No one mentioned gorging themselves. Choosing to ease off a little or not track doesn't automatically equal a free for all. My Christmas day will consist of sitting in the shade of a tree with my niece and her beau, sipping bubbles and eating nibbly things, not the easiest thing to track. But no intentions of stuffing myself. Personally I find it sad when people have the reins so tight they won't loosen them even a little for one day.

    OP did mention that the desserts at the grocery stores are irresistible which could taken for "gorging." That said, I'll keep to my routine because maintenance has been tricky for me and I don't need any more excuses for eating more. Logging those extra calories at least keeps it all real.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    oh for sure. lolol

    i naturally eat around maintenance (1600 for me) but even if i gain a couple of pounds its not the end of the world.
  • MelanieCN77
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    I'll probably take off 24th, 25th and 31st.
  • SandDodds96
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    I still count, but am more mindful of what I eat. I usually follow a rule of having one helping of things I like and that’s it during the holidays
  • newdaydawning79
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    I'm going to do the best I can to stay within a healthier range while still enjoying all the Christmas goodies. Will probably eat a bit lighter in the days before/after Christmas itself - helps that my fiancée and her mother have both gone vegan so when we're over there, the food is usually pretty healthy (and tasty)!
  • WinoGelato
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    I will go ahead and drop this here - a thread I wrote a couple of years ago when I saw so much angst, anxiety and remorse about the holidays... maybe will be relevant for some folks who aren't sure how to approach the coming week or two.
  • Noelishere
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    My rule is that I don’t deprive, but track everything. I stay within my calorie goals daily BUT on major holidays I unwind like all the normies (people not counting calories) around me and I will allow myself to go over. It makes the holidays so fun and it’s only once and a while.

    I discovered my no no food is cookies, and I won’t be making those anymore after this week... it brought back insane cravings so that is one food I’ll turn down on an average day.
  • alias1001
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    I always log even though I don't care if I go over on holidays/parties. As some in this thread expressed, it keeps me honest and from going nuts.
  • JennJ323
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    I'm not really taking a break.. but I'm definitely being more relaxed til the end of the year. During the weekdays I'm staying the same as I have all year (food-wise) but the weekends have been a little more hectic so less time to plan meals and cook... and of course the holiday parties and get-togethers. So I'm enjoying everything and will refocus after the new year. I'm at my goal weight, so I'm mostly maintaining, hoping to maybe drop another 2-3 by the Summer.