Anyone have an insta-pot? Thoughts?

Do you use it? What for?
Do you prefer it to oven/slow cooker etc?


  • wizzybeth
    wizzybeth Posts: 3,564 Member
    I have one on the way it's coming tomorrow.
  • lucys1225
    lucys1225 Posts: 597 Member
    I have one and use it all the time for stews, soups and braised meats. I prefer it over the slow cooker simply because it takes less time, especially for broth. I too have never used the slow cooker function on it.
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,763 Member
    I have one. I love it. I use it for vegetables, rice, beans, and stews. I have used the slow cooker function and it works fine, but I find I really love being able to cook things quickly with it.
  • aaronagostini
    aaronagostini Posts: 72 Member
    I've used mine for all sorts of rice, grains, and spaghetti. Very quick, I like it a lot!
  • Cat3141
    Cat3141 Posts: 162 Member
    I use mine for dried beans, and rice. I also use it to make steamed sweet potatoes. I keep trying to make spaghetti in it, but it never quite works out right. It's edible, but kinda fussy.
  • lemurcat12
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    I just got one and am hoping it can replace my slow cooker, pressure cooker (which I never used), and rice cooker.
  • extra_medium
    extra_medium Posts: 1,525 Member
    I love it. Great for meal prep.. can be used as a slow cooker or a pressure cooker and does a great job at both
  • deannalfisher
    deannalfisher Posts: 5,601 Member
    i made a pretty decent farro and butternut squash risotto last night in mine - although i needed more farro when all was said and done - total time/life saver
  • Francl27
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    It DOES have a slow cooker option but from what I hear, it cooks so slow that it's still raw after 4 hours, lol. Never tried that option though because I don't need it either. But if you don't have one hour to babysit your pot at night for the same results, you're probably better off with a slow cooker (Instant Pot makes one by the way. My friends have it - it's nice because you can sautee your meat straight in the pot first).

    I use it for hard boiled eggs, chili, stew, risotto, mashed potatoes, beans, steaming veggies, making rice. I see no point in doing things like lasagna or cheesecake in them because it's easier in the oven. I'm going to make pulled pork in mine for New Year's Eve. I still don't like the texture of chicken in it (or the slow cooker).
  • karahm78
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    I find that it is best for soups, stews/roasts/whole chickens, etc. There are some people that try to do all kinds of stuff (cheesecakes, etc) but to me that is not using it for what it is best for. Also, sauces that usually cook a long time (lots of Indian receipes are great. It does have a learning curve.

    Skinnytaste has a chicken and lentil soup that is great (she also has several other Instant Pot recipes that have all been good:

    Pressure Luck is another blog/site/Facebook page that posts lots of good recipes.

    There is also a Facebook group that is very active, Instant Pot Community, that is worth checking out.
  • Azdak
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    Mine predates the instant pot- it’s a Lux Multicooker that does the same things. I use it regularly, maybe 2-4 times per month. Definitely my most-used cooking appliance.

    The only slightly negative comment I have is that the cooking times advertised do not include the time it takes for the machine to get to pressure. For example, it takes 18 min to cook a particular grain dish. That soesnt include the 5-10 min takes to reach the right pressure. And if you do a natural release, that can add 5-10 min at the end.

    Because of that I often don’t bother to take it out for shorter dishes. But for longer ones, it does a great job.
  • middlehaitch
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    Our son does a wonderful cheesecake in his, Christmas desert. He also did the turkey breast followed by gravy for Christmas dinner. Oh, and the mashed potatoes.

    It was a good example of what could be done- he'd bought us one for Christmas.

    Cheers, h.
  • chellekoren
    chellekoren Posts: 273 Member
    I agree with most posts on here. I have a faberware brand multicooker. I love it for: making bone broth! All soups especially a veggie lentil tortilla soup and rice dishes. One trick with say chicken and rice dishes is immediately release the steam and remove the lid when it is done so it doesn’t get gummy then let it continue on warm or turn on the sauté function(for quicker browning) and let the rice get crispy. It’s delicious.

    All meats taste steamed if Cooked with lid so if I want baked or roasted flavors, I use oven with a digital timer.

  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    i have a some-other-brand pressure cooker, not an instant pot. but having given that disclaimer, i do use it a lot; more than i expected i would.

    but the really huge revelation for me was stock. i've made stock since idek when, and it's always been perfectly fine in the slow cooker or on the stove. but for some reason i don't understand, the stock that comes out of the pressure cooker isn't just 'fine'. it's incredible.

    not even factoring the takes-less-time aspect.

    Can you please share your stock recipe? I've made stock a handful of times on the stovetop and it's been so underwhelming I never wanted to try again.
  • Shoechick5
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    I got one for an early Christmas present. So far I've done three cheesecakes (didn't eat them all) , chicken stock, pulled pork, baby back ribs. Tonight I'm doing a smoked salmon risotto. There's a really good instant pot community on Facebook.
  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    Oh I also use mine for frozen fish fillets. Something like cod or halibut will cook nicely in 7 minutes, a fatter tuna steak in about 12. I put half a cup of water or so in the bottom and put the fish on foil on the trivet.