Low cal, exercise, and no lost weight.

I'm 5'5 and 200 lbs, and I've finally decided I'm not going to tip the scale over that direction any more. I've successfully dieted in the past, but I was a little younger and my metabolism a little better.

I log what I'm eating, and am generally a very number oriented person. I'm sticking mostly to protein- boiled eggs, low skim mozz sticks- for snacks, and veggies and chicken breasts for the rest of the day. I hit the gym for 400-500 cal workouts (cardio and some strength) four days a week and work in a light sedentary environment- lots of standing, not a lot of lifting. Usually without calculating in exercise I skirt around 1200 or less calories a day logged.

I haven't lost any weight and I don't feel any trimmer. It's only been about 2.5 weeks, but I usually at least see some water weight loss or -something- .

It's very hard to believe that I could be undereating. I feel full, I feel rested, and I am already doing better with stamina and resistance training. What the heck. Tell me I'm not the only one, and please offer anecdotes or suggestions to help me out here.


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    Have you tried a macro calculator? I am doing a ketogenic diet and I restrict carbs to 20 net a day. I have been losing slowly but steadily. My goal was to address high blood sugar. If you have dieted before where you restricted severely the body can ratchet down the metabolism where it won't burn fat efficiently. You might try getting more of the calories from fat to encourage fat burning. There are some good videos on youtube about fasting for weight loss. I like Dr. Fung, he talks about diabetes and weight loss and fasting. Good luck. Don't get discouraged.

    I probably should incorporate avocado in my diet somewhere, but at this point I think fats I'm getting from yolks and salad nuts would be enough. I did try keto, but it didn't work as well for me. I enjoy fruit too much.
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    You're eating more than you think.

    You mentioned that you may not be eating enough and that could be the reason you're not losing, but that is a myth. If you're eating fewer calories than you need to maintain, you will lose weight.

    Get a kitchen scale, weigh your food. Log everything. Stick to your goal as closely as possible. Be honest with your numbers. The weight will fall off.

    I suppose part of my concern is that I also want to be eating enough to lose more fat than muscle, particularly since I'm doing workouts with weight training and strength training. I know I could handle going very low calorie, I'm just concerned it would set me back in the muscle department more than I'd like.
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    Also take body measurements. You may not see anything on the scale as you progress but you might see something there!
    +1 for Dianne, I love her advice. I've got one of her threads starred.

    Oh man I've gotta face the music with the measuring tape x_x
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    I have a generic food scale from walmart. I use to measure with measuring cups or by eyeballing. I also assumed that if a package said 1 scoope was x grams or 1 serving quest bar for example was x grams that sometimes the item weighed more. I also notice and i wish i still had the pic that the peanut butter per tablespoon was more than when i weighed it out to 28 grams so that affected my calories as well for example. New exercise can cause you to hold on to water weight as well
    I did look at scales today, and if they all seem fairly accurate I'll just grab one. I was just going to do some brand research since every bathroom scale I've used shows a different result every thirty seconds.
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    Water can do weird things, I've gone three weeks with no loss on scales, then down 2 kg in three days, yes weigh your food, check what you should be eating to lose no.more than 2 pds a week, then trust the process, weight loss is not linear