• melody929699
    melody929699 Posts: 3 Member
    217 with 150 goal. Looking for motivation friends. I also have autoimmune issues making exercise hard. Clean eating in hopes of feeling and looking better.
  • melipon2166
    melipon2166 Posts: 32 Member
    Now 190 goal 150 .... im a stress/emotional eater. I must take control and get my life back in 2018. I am a positive person looking for positive ppl to achieve our goals! FR me if you want this year to be the last year of starting over.... like me. WE GOT THIS!
  • yooperpatti
    yooperpatti Posts: 8 Member
    Please add me, goal of 150. feeling really determined, wanting to stay that way!
  • HerOwnWings
    HerOwnWings Posts: 1 Member
    186 goal 140 to start!
  • kvatthnp802
    kvatthnp802 Posts: 1 Member
    193 goal 140 LETS DO IT!
  • DeliaR2018
    DeliaR2018 Posts: 7 Member
    edited January 2018
    I would love to join. Please add me. I was 181 pounds and recently lost 4.2 pounds but I'm Trying to get to 150lbs. I need daily motivation ladies ☺
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Hey all!

    240 goal 160-170
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Please add! Looking for all the motivation I can get!
  • amberhayx
    amberhayx Posts: 23 Member
    Same goals as all of you lovely people here! <3
  • a_thickness
    a_thickness Posts: 4 Member
    Hey....232 is my current weight....goal weight 170......I've been trying for 7 years this year 2018 has to work....add me hunny!!!!
  • Loser_53
    Loser_53 Posts: 34 Member
    Currently 230 lbs...goal weight 150. My daughter's wedding is coming up in August and I would like to feel confident in whatever dress I choose to wear that day. Anybody feel free to add me. I can use lots of inspiration and motivation.
  • ccb1030
    ccb1030 Posts: 84 Member
    Sounds like I have similar goals. Restarting this (I lost over 30 lbs on MFP several years ago but gained it back and then some after a stressful divorce). Currently about 200, first goal to get to 180, then work my way to 150 eventually. 36 yo, 5'4", use fitbit. If you all started a group, please add me!
  • kendraj404
    kendraj404 Posts: 14 Member
    I’m with y’all. Was 220 (all-time high) in October. Now 203. Pushing for 150 by year’s end. I’ve tried to join a few groups and it never seems to work. MFP needs some help with the community aspect! I’ve sent friend requests to a handful of folks — please feel free to send me one!!!!
  • MtnDaisyMama
    MtnDaisyMama Posts: 1 Member
    I am hovering around the 206 weight my ultimate goal is 135. I would love to 150 by my birthday in September!!
  • ShelbyReed6539
    ShelbyReed6539 Posts: 2 Member
    Interested! ❤
  • jamiesparklez
    jamiesparklez Posts: 5 Member
    edited January 2018
    It is so cool to see all of the people with similar stats and goals! I love it. I am in the same boat! Anyone feel free to add me!! Group support is so much more motivating for sure!
  • onlythingtodois
    onlythingtodois Posts: 5 Member
    Similar stats - 34F, 5'8", please feel free to add me!
  • jalyn413
    jalyn413 Posts: 15 Member
    YES -- 238 and used to be 150! WANT TO CHANGE AND LOSE THIS WEIGHT! WE CAN ALLLLL DO THIS =) add me if you want to chat or motivate each other!
  • eheinze12
    eheinze12 Posts: 58 Member
    you just described myself in your title! I'm adding you :smile:
  • brendaleeane37
    brendaleeane37 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm 222 and want to see 140. Please add me. Ill join. :)