Post here if you 40+ in age?



  • bamamom02
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    I'm 49, and I have used MFP sporadically for a long time, but I never added friends until the start of this year. I am loving the support! Feel free to add me!
  • lowjax75
    lowjax75 Posts: 589 Member
    43 and feeling younger (for the most part) than I did when I was 33
  • SNearns
    SNearns Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 47, American but living in Greece. New to MFP, want to lose 20 pounds I gained recently due to injuries and eating/drinking too much! The past couple of years I have been a dedicated power walker and was able to reach my ideal weight, but it's not challenging enough anymore so am now starting to run and loving it...
  • ServusChristi
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    49 in west central Minnesota. Finishing week five of self -imposed fat camp after retiring. So far, so good.
  • brionywood12
    brionywood12 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi am 50 and in the UK. Fitter than have ever been. Joined premium as weight gone on since last big event and food is my weakness! Hello everyone☺
  • rrochajr70
    rrochajr70 Posts: 8 Member
    47, from Wisconsin. On a journey to lose 100 pounds. 20 which are gone. Nice to see I’m not the only one over 40 trying to get and stay healthy
  • alska
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    i'm 44!
  • oaker
    oaker Posts: 132 Member
    Almost 52, but still feel 18...if I didn’t have some aches and pains lol. It’s only a number!
  • Hi Ya'll, I'm 53 and my metabolism hit a wall last year... ugh. 135#...targeting 120 and have a lot of work to do do build muscle!
  • ddunagan69
    ddunagan69 Posts: 11 Member
    I am 48, from central ny. I would like to lose about 50 lbs
    I'm 6'1 & 280 lbs. Haven't been under 250lbs since my early 20's. I could use some help.
  • victorias36
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    Hi everyone! I am 51 and I am here to change my life and hopefully help others change theirs!
  • ntruman75
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    42... Oakville ontario!
  • Lianapugzoe
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    ddunagan69 wrote: »
    I am 48, from central ny. I would like to lose about 50 lbs
    I'm 6'1 & 280 lbs. Haven't been under 250lbs since my early 20's. I could use some help.

    That's what we're here for....would love to help motivate.
  • andreajcasper11
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    40 year old female from Upstate New York and mentally/emotionally feel like I'm still in high school. Feel free to add me. Would also love to see if anyone else connects to my situation. I just posted on the introduction thread and am hopeful to communicate with others with similar struggles.
  • samthepanda
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    47, 2 kids (14 with autism and learning disability, and 5 with teenage attitude!). Been in here quite a while. Dropped 70lbs 7 years ago, 10 has gone back on, trying g to make sure no more does. Menopause and anxiety are among my battles. Never giving up, but sometimes its a real struggle, and feel exhausted.
  • Wila6468
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    I will be turning 50 in 10 days! I still have much to learn but I am making progress. B)
  • VoodooChile76
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    41.. back on MFP after a big lull here.. :smile: . Back at it now.
  • slcruz24
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    47 SoCal guy. Young in mind and soul but my body needs some help. Looking forward to seeing everyone succeed with their goals. Many of you look fantastic already.