2018 women who want to work towards being under 200lb



  • poborox
    poborox Posts: 595 Member
    sent a request a while ago. please add me too :)

    Sorry, if I missed you before, I added you now!
  • poborox
    poborox Posts: 595 Member
    I'd be interested in joining , if that's still an option! I'm 23 , 5'8" & I've got about 140 lbs to drop.

    Absolutely! I added you :smile:
  • Munchberry
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    Holy moly 517 people all trying for onederland! I asked to join. If you are too full, I understand. Good luck ladies!
  • MrsBliss83
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    request sent =)
  • look4kate
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    request sent..... 39lb to go!
  • thompsonjackjack
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    Count me in!!
  • stefaniepc
    stefaniepc Posts: 2 Member
    I want to join. I'm not sure how. But this fits me. 243lb and hypothyroidism
  • mrshansberry
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    I would love to join
  • poborox
    poborox Posts: 595 Member
    Count me in!!

    stefaniepc wrote: »
    I want to join. I'm not sure how. But this fits me. 243lb and hypothyroidism
    I would love to join

    Welcome!!! :sunglasses:
  • _inHisGrace
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    I tried to join so many times! Can you send me an invite? Please? 204 5’1”.
  • bagney40
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    Hi! I am super interested. I tried to join but not sure if it went through- just got a red box and the page kinda froze. Would love to join you ladies in
    getting below that 200 mark
  • okohjacinda
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    I just submitted my request. I hope it went through because I really would like to join. I am currently at 240lbs at 5'3.5" and have been trying to get back into the 100s seems like forever. I have been big all my life and when I lost a good bit of weight I didn't keep it off long because it was so hard doing it by myself and not having a support system. This time I want to do this with others because I feel like I will succeed by doing so.
  • jrloveless
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    I just sent a request to join as well. I'm 5'4, 265lbs currently, lost 61lbs so far, and 36 years old. I want to be under 200lbs by the end of the year. I don't have really have a lot of trouble staying motivated when I feel well, but I suffer from migraines and when I have one, all I want to do is eat whatever I want.
  • LatoriaMcAdoo
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    poborox wrote: »
    I created a group designed to get myself and others to One-deland and to support, motivation, listen and lift each other up in our quest for a healthy balanced life!

    I'm 27, 5'5 and weighing close to 265 (my all time high). I'm looking to lose 30-35lbs in the next 3-4 months then evaluate and go further from there. Anyone with similar situations or goals please let me know your interest and we can MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    My ideas would be a group that fits this post and making several discussions that would work for most and also being able to really get involved and detailed for each individual through conversations and sharing ideas or tips on food, exercise, mood and whatever else we need. God bless. :blush:

    Please let me know if anyone is interested!

    Here is the link: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/124070-2018-one-derland

    Hi I have been waiting to be out of 260s forever but I always start then quit but not this time I’m so determined so far since 1/1/18 I have lost 6.6 lbs so I’m ready and ready for any help I can get along the way
  • thecraftinista
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    Request sent! This group sounds like exactly what I need!
  • poborox
    poborox Posts: 595 Member
    I tried to join so many times! Can you send me an invite? Please? 204 5’1”.

    Im sorry you haven’t been able to get in yet :grimace: I sent you an invite , can you accept it?
  • hollyntuttle95
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    I'm interested! I'm 22 and I weigh 217 now, started at 227. I'll send a request!
  • elsabetberhanu1
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    I would love to join. This is great! I have to lose 60lb. I am 5' weighing 170lb. Do I have to be over 200lb to join?
  • drea2011
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    I’m in! Request sent! Looking forward to getting to onederland in 2018!!!
  • KyleMadison
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    I sent a request to join. I’m not sure if it worked. I may have sent 10 requests! Lol! Nothing happens when I hit the button.