Breakfast ideas??



  • SusanDSME
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    garlic cheese grits.
  • Iwantahealthierme30
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    56g Oatmeal with a couple of teaspoons peanut butter
  • maripili_i_n
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    My four favorite breakfasts:
    • Chocolate shake: 1 scoop of Vega One protein powder with 1.5 cups almond milk (you can use any milk) & ice cubes (260 calories & 22 g protein total)
    • Banana shake: 1 banana, 1.5 cups almond milk, ice cubes (~190 calories & 3-4 g protein total)
    • 2 slices of toasted Ezekiel bread with 1/3 avocado and egg white tortillas (~272 calories)
    • 2 slices of toasted Ezekiel bread with 4 tbsp PB2 (peanut butter powder mixed with 2 tbsp water) and a banana (340 calories)
  • Fatmansyndrome
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    My favorite

    2 slices whole wheat bread
    2 table spoons peanut butter
    One big bowl cherios
    1 banana
    1 apple
    4 eggs
    Chocolate milk

    Depending on day I change the fruit or have orange juice instead of chocolate milk
  • kristen8000
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    My 2 go tos are:

    1) A serving (40g) of plain quick oats, 1 packet of Splenda and 60g of Blueberries
    2) Egg Muffins (which are basically baked ahead of time, like mini quiches, they are easy to vary, put different things in them weekly) and a serving of pre-cooked turkey sausage or bacon.

    I switch between these at work. Weekends usually 1 over easy egg and a good slice of bread. Sometimes I get fancy and make bacon or cut up cherry tomatoes.
  • autopilot_off
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    Oat and Banana pancakes
    Mix the following in a blender (I use my Magic Bullet):
    1/4 cup of rolled oats
    1/2 of a banana sliced
    1 egg
    a sprinkling of pumpkin pie spice

    I like to eat mine with some whipped cream (no sugar added) sprinkled with walnut pieces and chia seeds.

    They also store really well if refrigerated. I sometimes eat them as snacks paired with 1/2 cup of Oikos vanilla yogurt.
  • TheRoadDog
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    Equal parts Tater Tots, Frozen Onion Rings and Jalapeno Poppers. Chop them up, add chopped bacon, green onions and Parmesan cheese.

    Put them in your waffle maker. Crispy and delicious. I make them for my wife every Sunday with her Omelette.
  • skeinshailey
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    Hey! I love mixing Granola, Vanilla Yogurt, and fresh fruits together for breakfast; today I mixed raspberries and blueberries in yogurt and granola, my granola is specifically Honey Granola by True Goodness with 6g of protein per half cup. I’ll also do instant pancake mix and throw in some fresh fruits like bananas or blueberries once it’s on the fryer, finish with low carb syrup and low calorie butter. I use country crock, which is just vegetable oil so it’s vegan. I also enjoy oatmeal mixed with chia and flax seeds for protein and fruits to get me going. Mandarin oranges and bagels are good for a quick breakfast on the go. These are my simple plans.
  • parthdivecha818
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    Keto pancakes without Flour. Easy and quick.
  • laurajeanholly
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    Lately I've been eating Quaker Protein Triple Berry Instant Oatmeal (not sure if that's just a Canadian product?) with a tablespoon of PC vanilla bean whey protein mixed in. Works out to 148 calories, 10 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and 4 grams of sugar. Quick and easy, tastes delish and healthy!
  • dressagerider1020
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    Trader Joe’s French Toast (4 SP) 1/4 cup sugar free syrup, 2 pieces turkey bacon. With WW new program you can even add an egg for 0 points and a lot of protein.
  • GreenValli
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    I love eating oatmeal almost every day because it can fill me up enough so I am not hungry until lunchtime. I make it in a microwave pot (Pampered Chef). Just 1/2 cup of old fashioned oatmeal, plus a variety of other things, such as: raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, berries, cinnamon, fruit spread (without sugar). I eat it right out of that microwave pot and little dish washing. My blood pressure and cholesterol are both low. I am sure some of that is due to the oatmeal.

    About once a week I will eat cold cereal with fruit.

    About once a week I will eat eggs, either scrambled or an omelette with sauted vegetables and a bit of shredded cheese.

    TWRUNNER32 Posts: 62 Member
    I generally rotate between a week of yogurt parfaits made with plain yogurt, granola, nuts, with a little maple syrup and an egg bake.

    I make the egg bake Sunday night, and cut it into portions and freeze all but one bag, and just pull more from the freezer when needed.
  • Grace3583
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    I generally keep it simple. If I'm not eating last night's leftovers, I either cook scrambled eggs and have it with half an avocado, a slice of toast with preserves, and a handful of blueberries or grapes, or I just mix up a bowl of oatmeal and add a little bit of whatever I have on hand.
  • mfpfreedomnow
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    Check out my savory oatmeal recipe:

    You can have this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or really whatever time you'd like to eat.
  • OatmealBowl
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    Avocado toast w/hemp seeds and chili powder.