What irks you?



  • Drs who don't read files and give people stuff they are allergic too.. *shrug* and sorry isn't good enough

    Things like that shouldn't happen

    This happened to my friend last month... clinician didn't check the label on the drugs would have most likely ended very badly but she spotted the error in time.
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    I'm irked that doing household chores makes me feel like I'm an A+ adult.

    I don't want to get satisfaction from this. I hate this.

    Go on strike! Be a child.

    You never know, somebody else might do the chore.

    I saw one of my kids vacuuming the stairs recently. They wanted to play with the vacuum, and I gave her a lesson.

    Then I played Nintendo.

    Brb - getting pregnant

    make sure you know all the facts! lots of work before you get any work out of them!!!!
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    People that think omitting the truth isn’t the same as lying.
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    humble brags
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    Just_J_Now wrote: »
    humble brags

    I think I know what you’re talking about
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    Threads not bumping or showing notifications. Now I can't go back and look at how funny I was.
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    Just_J_Now wrote: »
    humble brags

    I'm totally blessed not to be a humble bragger - I have a lot to brag about, but I don't, humble or otherwise, and that is something that I'm thankful for every day.
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    cee134 wrote: »
    Threads not bumping or showing notifications. Now I can't go back and look at how funny I was.

    Awwwww, you’re always funny.

    Of course, if the thread isn’t bumping or showing notifications, you’ll never know I said that.:)
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    People who say vegans don't get enough protein *EYE ROLL*
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    How often my boss gets off track. I just need him to look at a piece of paper and tell me his recommendation and I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes so far as he talks about tau pathology.
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    That the cals burned for cardio exercises can be so far off. I'm definitely not burning 600+ in an hour.
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    brenn24179 wrote: »
    people who are heavy saying they cant eat all their calories! How did you get here then?

    By getting tons of calories from unhealthy foods but not getting enough from actual healthy foods. It’s actually simple to understand. Don’t put them down.
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    Bitter people.
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    Sweet people
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