Why is this so hard?



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    You're always gonna get cravings - You just need to realize that you don't NEED to have that - Have some water - Some fruit. Do you have cheat meals? Maybe make your own healthy pizza.
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    I'm not going to order the pizza but I've been thinking about it for 2 hours, that's not normal.

    In my personal experience, the best thing you can do is order the pizza, eat the number of slices that fits inside your calorie goal (or maybe even one extra), and then move on. Diets where you deprive yourself of what you are craving are simply doomed to failure. I had so much pizza on this incredible journey (88 pounds and counting), you would not believe it. Also, I learned to like a healthier pizza: thin crust instead of deep dish, ham or chicken for the only meat topping, veggie toppings... (my go-to is a thin crust ham and jalapeno, and I regularly fit a half of a large pizza inside my calorie goal)

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    ladyreva78 wrote: »
    Order the pizza.

    Put 2 slices on a plate.

    Freeze the rest in handy 2 slice servings for another "I need Pizza" day.

    Enjoy the hell out of those 2 slices.

    I have to agree with this. The mindset of punishing yourself for wanting perfectly delicious food is just wrong. For me I may decide to make a healthy version of pizza instead using wraps of course. But when the desire to eat a genuine pizza is tugging at me and im simply just gonna order it and eat it till I'm content. I will probably be over NY calories for the day and that's fine because I don't do that everyday. Once my pizza craving is quenched the next day it's back to normal. And if you did eat a bit over your calories you'll find your less hungry the day after. Incorporating the foods you like with having a meltdown is learning how to eat for sustainable results. It's not a sin to indulge for a day provide it isn't a common occurrence. There's also no sprint to your goal. It's a marathon.
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    Give yourself permission to make the right choice. Give yourself permission to order and eat the pizza, or to suck it up just one more time for one more meal and eat the planned meal. Tell yourself you can have the pizza anytime, so eat the planned meal and grab a pizza tomorrow.... Tomorrow go through the same drill. After a while you're going to realize that your will-power and discipline is much stronger than your craving. You're being good enough to yourself by allowing yourself the junk food, whenever you want it, like a safety net. But in the meantime you're strong enough to make the right choice for the moment.
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    I can often hold off on a serious pizza fest with an at home option. It's not the same, but the flavors can hit the spot for considerably less calories - between 400 & 600 calories instead of 900-1500. I eat food with a pizza flavor probably once per week, and keep the glorious, greasy real pizza to one or two days a month.

    Chicken cutlets simmered in marinara, topped with thin slices of pepperoni, mushrooms, Parmesan and mozzarella. Cover or broil until everything gets melty. ~400 cals

    Naan, pizza sauce, favorite toppings

    Frozen French bread or personal-sized pizza and side salad or veggie soup (~500 calories)

    English muffin pizza (I go high fiber, they're pretty filling)

    Dip a grilled cheese in marinara, throw some veggie toppings in when you grill it - peppers, onions, olives, tomato, spinach, etc.

    Whole wheat pita, spicy roasted red pepper puree, shallots, mushrooms, prosciutto, arugula, Parmesan or Asiago cheese - not traditional pizza flavors, but really tasty.
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    If you're like me, cravings can be completely overwhelming and eating other things just won't satisfy me....just ends up adding extra calories and I eat what I was craving anyway, lol. What I've found that works for me is to get a slightly healthier alternative to what I'm craving. Like pizza, I'll get a Lean Cuisine microwaveable pepperoni pizza. Ice cream, I'll get a Halo Top. Chips, I'll eat a small bag of microwave popcorn with Kernel's ranch seasoning on it (or some nutritional yeast). Eventually you can train your brain and the cravings will diminish. The key is to just stick with it. Good luck!
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    Harder to overeat it when sharing

    Except you won't share, you'll just order 2 portions of *kitten* and overeat anyway. I actually wish sometimes I did live alone: when at work I manage to balance but hubby often sabotages my efforts in the evening (and certainly during weekends)...

    your husband holds you down and force feeds you?

    In my own case, I find it easier to budget my calories when away from my husband. He doesn't force feed me, certainly, but he is definitely not a good influence, either. We totally order 2 portions of *kitten* and overeat. Because I tend to overthink my word choices, I would not use the word sabotage to describe the situation. I do not think that detracts from the point that sharing a meal with someone doesn't mean you'll necessarily consume less.
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    Pizza is phenomenal. Simply great. Of course you're going to crave it!

    Fit some into your weekly meal plan, enjoy the *kitten* out of it, and stick to your deficit. That's what I did last Saturday when I woke up and decided I needed to make some pizza for dinner. My goodness was it good.
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    Harder to overeat it when sharing

    I actually wish sometimes I did live alone: when at work I manage to balance but hubby often sabotages my efforts in the evening (and certainly during weekends)...

    Same here! I do so well at work and the nights my husband works late.. but when he's home I find myself giving in more often "let's just order something, we don't want to cook tonight" he says.. or "c'mon just have some chips with me." Obviously I can say no, and should say no.. but it's much more difficult with him around. I don't think he's unsupportive, he just doesn't get it. I can't just "have some chips" if I don't have the calories left for them.

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    I can totally relate to this! I know how you feel!! I didn't read every reply so sorry if this is repetitive at all! I think it is good to focus on a specific goal and try to bring yourself back to that goal when you feel like your mind is drifting back to it's old habits. It is so hard but you are worth it and you can do it! It's a long journey so if you do go for the pizza don't beat yourself up about it! You are only human! Also a few weeks ago I ordered a large pizza, I live alone so the large pizza was all for me. When the pizza got to my apartment I immediately took two pieces and put them on a plate, then I took two pieces and put them in tupperware and into the fridge. The last four pieces went into the freezer. I did this all before the first bite. This way I wasn't tempted to keep eating the pizza. I had only 2 pieces when I usually can down 4-5 before even realizing it. Even though its a small win it still counts and I took a few minutes to really be proud of myself! Even though it is hard you can do it and I believe in you!!
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    Are you restricting the foods you eat too much hence the craving for pizza? you can still have pizza, a few slices with salad wont eat into your calories too much.
    Losing weight doesn't have to be hard, we can eat the foods we enjoy and love as long as we are in calorie deficit we lose.
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    Depriving yourself all of the time is going to make things pretty miserable. My overall diet is pretty healthy, but I plan things like pizza into my diet...usually Friday evening or something...so if I'm craving it, I can just tell myself that Friday is right around the corner...yay pizza night.

    My wife and I typically order a small and make a salad...we have a couple of slices and salad and then have a couple slices each left over for the next day for breakfast or lunch.