Taken Phentermine? No critics, please. Looking for experiences of those who have taken it

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How are you doing with it? I'm back on it after a hiatus. So far so good. Glad it is giving me some appetite suppression.

My problem is when I stop logging food, I go downhill. Whether I am taking Phentermine or not. . After a year of logging my food, I really got resentful of it. I guess I will always have to log my food!

What's your experience?


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    I’ve had positive (mostly) experiences with it. I never take the entire thing, I feel like that would kill me. I take 1/4 to 1/2 a day or every other day when I do take it. It helps immensely with my appetite. I’m able to get through the day without thinking too much about food. It really just helps me stay within my calories. The uptick in energy is nice too. I can get in a decent workout. The only downsides for me are some constipation and I’ve noticed my skin breaks out horribly, and I mean HORRIBLY, when I take it. I’m not sure if it’s because of the phentermine or a coincidence but it keeps me from using it anymore :(
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    I took it probably three times in the past. First I had fainting spells because I could barely force down any food. And second, I regained the weight each time because I never learned proper portion control.

    Wow, fainting spells, that's awful. I only had the problem of not eating enough for the first couple of days.
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    I have taken it. I was able to stretch a one month supply by taking it every other day. It worked wonders for me. I wasn't hungry and it gave me super energy to work out. But as lulalacroix said gaining the weight back is a problem. Once you get your appetite back you're in the same boat as everyone else. Maintenance is hard. FWIW, I would never take it again.

    Totally. But I think it's true of any diet. As soon as you start eating "normally" you gain the weight back. It's just not sustainable to "diet."

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    I have been on it for about 2 weeks now. I feel completely fine. no jitters, no heart racing, just a major difference in not feeling as hungry all of the time, and i eat normally. I feel NORMAL. i have a few autoimmune issues so i am very low functioning. no energy, exhausted all the time. so it's really nice to feel "normal". i don't have to force myself, i just eat breakfast, four or 5 hours later i have lunch, and repeat the timeframe with dinner. and ill have usually a piece of fruit or cheese stick or something in the middle of each meal. I am going to try to get my dr. to keep me on it for the max of 12 weeks. after that point i am going to see if they will give me something more permanent to keep me functioning because i dont want to go back to before. it was awful. i also do think that as long as you maintain the same sort of discipline after coming off, you'll be just fine. every story ive heard or read about people gaining weight back is because they didn't to ANYTHING to maintain healthy eating.

    My doctor kept me on it as long as I wanted. After about 10 months I thought it wasn't working. I didn't lose weight, but I didn't gain. So I quit taking it. And pow, I started gaining weight back like everyone else says.