How much weight did you lose to drop a dress size?



  • I already have some jeans that are a size smaller but I always have, even on my high weight of 230, fit into a 14 of some styles. Right now I am 213 and still in the same size, from experience it took till 180 for my jeans to be too big at that point once I was on vacation and had to buy new pants because they were falling off me, haha.
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    Ive lost 18lbs so far and not changed in size,
    My jeans don't even feel loose let alone needing a size smaller.

    Don’t feel discouraged, you might of lost the weight in other places like your thighs and arms and water weight so don’t stress if you haven’t went down, just keep working at it and you’ll get there. Went from a size 12 to a size 5. In bridal dresses (which are smaller than normal dresses) I’m in a size 8 currently. I’m 124 pounds and started at 158!
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    I'm 5'1" so it tends to be more drastic for me even if I don't lose a lot. Dropping about 20 pounds took me from a size 12 to a size 6. I'm 154 currently and a size 10 but my upper body is more like a size 8 since I lose weight there first.
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    I'm in the lost weight but still wearing the same size boat :'( although my jeans are loser in the butt/thigh area if I try to wear a size down my stomach still rebels
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    I have a weird body shape since I store all my fat in my hip and thighs and I'm slim up top. I'm short at 5'2". Unfortunately I lose weight from my top first and last from my butt/hips/things. At 175-180lb I wore size medium shirts and very stretchy small tops. I would say I was a size 6/8 for tops with a 30 inch waist and 8/10 for dress depending on the material and the style. My hips at 48 inches I could wear stretchy size 12/13 pants. When I lost 25 pounds I dropped to size 4-6 in tops and 10/12 in pants depending on the material. I've lost 36 pounds and currently wear size 2/4 for tops and 8/10 for pants. im curious what my size will be when I reach 130. I hope my body works with me and fat comes off my hips.
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    I lost 30lbs and same dress size. Though I feel like clothes fit me more comfortably, but I reckon it'll be 40-50lbs before I drop a size and then less after that.
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    I am still wearing the same jeans today that I was at 40lbs higher, but I do wear a belt with them and they are a little loose, I am maybe 1-1.5 size smaller on the bottom depending on the cut of the clothes but have wide set hips so not a lot I can do about that, about 3 sizes smaller on top.

    Since where we lose fat from is pretty much genetics and we all have different builds, you probably aren't going to get a definitive answer.
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    I’m 5’4.5, I dropped 30lbs before (to 120lb) and only went down one UK dress size! I was probably only a few pounds away from dropping another size though.
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    I once read somewhere that the first 10-15 lbs you lose will help you fit into your current clothes more comfortably, because a lot of us wear clothes that might be too small. I started at 240ish and was wearing a size 20 and XL clothing. I am now at 217 and I think I can comfortably squeeze into an 18 and my XL tops are pretty baggy. We'll see how it goes from here, lol
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    I agree that it depends where you're starting from. Plus size clothes are made roomier so you can wear them in a bigger weight range. I've lost 8 lbs and my size 16/XL clothes still fit but they fit much better. If memory serves I'll have to lose about 10 lbs before I can get into my size 14 clothes. I carry most of my weigh in my waist, belly, hips, and love handles and I refuse to have a muffin top so I buy my clothes to fit that area best. Also, IIRC, once I lose that next 10 lbs and my body is more proportioned I will drop sizes with a more reasonable loss - about 10-12lbs per size.
    It's hard to not be impatient, isn't it?
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    I have a large bottom half so it takes me more like 10-12 lbs to drop a pant size currently. I just went from a 16 to a 14 with a weight drop from 208 to 198.
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    I wore XX- large t-shirt from 300 lbs to 215lbs, I was finally able to fit into an X-large yesterday at 213 lbs. So it took about 75 lbs.

    I will be wearing a smaller shirt from now on for every 15 pound or so weight loss so I'm feeling like I'm hitting my groove and seeing tangible results.
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    I'm down around 35lbs and haven't changed pants size at all, it kind of sucks but oh well. I started at 310lbs.
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    I'm short (5'2") so it takes forever for me to drop sizes because of how my weight is distributed.
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    Yeah, there's a major difference between sizes the higher you go! There's about 10 pounds on me (or 1 inch) between the smaller misses sizes (2/4/6/8/10). In the 'in-betweeny" sizes (12/14/16) I think there's about 20 pounds between sizes. I don't know what the differences are in plus: I'd suspect that there are probably bigger jumps between plus sizes. And the larger the size the more ease is built into the garments.

    That's for pants and skirts. The last few times I've lost 40 or 50 pounds I've not budged an inch in tops and dresses, because my boobs are bulletproof. Really, really irritating.
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    Wow it’s so interesting to read everyone’s stats. And it’s helping me remember the scale is a liar. I lost 17 pounds and dropped two sizes in dresses, shirts, and pants. Last May I started taking Barre classes and tracking my calories on MFP. I didn’t start tracking my measurements until June though. I started at a size 12 dress and now wear an 8. But my measurements last June were 38-31.5-38 and are now 36-29-36. Doing barre has really upped my lean muscle mass and even though the scale makes me feel like I’m heavy at 5’6” and fluctuating between 143-146lbs and probably should lose another 10 —maybe I should tell it to STHU.
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    Pounds don’t necessarily indicate body composition. After I started a cardio and strength training exercise program and concentrated more on macros than calories, it took maybe 2 weeks for me to drop a pant size and I didn’t lose a pound. This is in stark contrast compared to when I was concentrating on calories and only doing cardio where it would take maybe 10-20 pounds to drop a size.
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    5 -10 bs or So to drop a pant size. I carry most of my weight in my hips/butt/thigh area.
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    I've lost 12 pounds and have not dropped any sizes, sadly. (Started at 176 and am now at 164 - 5'8" tall.)