Circumferential Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck plus Butt/Thigh Lift) pics before & after

I wanted to share what feels like my final hurdle in this LONG journey. I lost 130 lbs in 2.5 years. I maintained for about 9 months, then went ahead with the cosmetic surgery to solve the "drippy candle" effect of the loose skin.

First some background:
Age 51
SW 302
FW 170

My before and after pics BEFORE surgery:


I look okay with my clothes on, but had very saggy skin underneath. I was actually bothered more by my butt than my stomach. When I would run, it felt like water balloons slapping against my back side. Just gross. That is why I chose the circumferential (goes all the way around) abdominoplasty, instead of the standard tummy tuck that is just in the front. You can understand what they do if you imagine pulling the skin down in the front, like a sweater, and pulling the skin up in the back, like pants. Then trimming off the overlap and sewing it all back together again. The surgery took 5 hours.

I declined the muscle tightening that is typical with tummy tucks. The dr. said my abs were in good shape and recovery is shorter if you don't mess with them.

I had the surgery Jan 31, so I am 18 days post-op. The doctor said I am healing well. I've been back to the gym since my drains were removed at one week. I'm pretty much doing everything again (cardio, strength) except no ab exercises and no running.

There is still some swelling at the incision line. Because it is only 2.5 weeks post-op, the incision is still raw looking in the following pics. It is supposed to fade to clear in about a year. I'm really pleased with the results! I like my new belly button, too. :smiley:

I'm wearing the same pants before and after for comparison.


If you are considering the surgery yourself and want more info--feel free to message me. I can also direct you to pics that show all of the incision.



  • L1zardQueen
    L1zardQueen Posts: 8,754 Member
    Woot woot!
  • ggeise14
    ggeise14 Posts: 386 Member
    Way to go!
  • iffur77
    iffur77 Posts: 1 Member
    You are an inspirational woman
  • the_great_unknown
    the_great_unknown Posts: 194 Member
    Thank you for posting this. I am about 95 pounds down from my highest weight with another 40 to go, and then I am planning to have this done too. Great job!
  • solieco1
    solieco1 Posts: 1,559 Member
    WOW! That's amazing! Go you!
  • Alpha12
    Alpha12 Posts: 251 Member
    You look terrific! Congratulations!
  • dorisj717
    dorisj717 Posts: 381 Member
    Good for you! You sound like your happy with you decision and as long as your happy that’s all that matters. You go girl!!!!
  • corinasue1143
    corinasue1143 Posts: 7,467 Member
    You look great! Sounds like you feel good, and happy. Win, win win.
  • YadaYadaYada64
    YadaYadaYada64 Posts: 50 Member
    I never dreamed that procedure could have such amazing results! Congratulations on all your success, you’ve certainly earned it!
  • pinuplove
    pinuplove Posts: 12,874 Member
    You look great and appear to be healing very well! Hopefully the scarring will be as minimal as possible, but either way I'm sure it's worth it :smile:
    TWRUNNER32 Posts: 62 Member
    Whooo!! You look awesome! Nice work!
  • dsboohead
    dsboohead Posts: 1,900 Member
    Absolutely amazing....thankyou for sharing <3
  • dsboohead
    dsboohead Posts: 1,900 Member
    You had an amazing doctor!
  • SouthernMamaUnderConsruction
    Amazing! You're so inspiring!
  • MsMaeFlowers
    MsMaeFlowers Posts: 261 Member
    Look at that butt!
  • craignev
    craignev Posts: 1,247 Member
    Fantastic results! congratulations :)
  • snowflake954
    snowflake954 Posts: 8,399 Member
    Whatever spent was so worth it. Congrats.
  • beerfoamy
    beerfoamy Posts: 1,520 Member
    That is amazing! Brilliant results! and healing really well :D
    thank you so much for sharing. You look wonderful.
    Glad it went so smoothly, really does look fantastic!
  • flowerhouse
    flowerhouse Posts: 140 Member
    Amazing results, you look fantastic - enjoy, your butt looks great
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